Monday, February 1, 2010

This afternoon Gracie was laying in the floor watching cartoons. Asa was sitting beside her. I told her to lay him down and he might go to sleep. He resisted in the biggest way when I tried to rock him a half hour earlier. So Gracie laid him down and he did go to sleep! She rubbed his hand like he likes and he was out. He didn't sleep long but she was proud of herself for getting him to sleep!! It was adorable to see them laying there too!!!

Asa was a bottom scootin wonder again today!!! Anna moved Asa into the entryway while she played with Gracie. Asa scooted over to the front door and played in the side lights on the door. He loves then and we let him tap them when we come out of his room. But this morning he got there by himself and he sat and sat. He'd tap and then rub it. It was so funny. I don't know how long he was entertained by the front door but it was a long time.

Then when he got bored, he scooted back to the living room. He stopped at the stairs and was interested but didn't stay long. He scooted halfway back to the kitchen when I decided to try the Walking Wings on him. That wasn't successful and as soon as I got them off, he took off scooting again!

And there is no school again tomorrow!! When Anna moved Asa into the entryway this morning it was because she was playing volleyball with Gracie and Asa was squealing at them. Then tonight Cade and Gracie had walkie talkies and Nerf guns chasing each other around inside the house!!! And I feel like I was constantly feeding someone today!! Melt snow, MELT!! :)

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