Friday, February 5, 2010


SURPRISE!!! I have another blog!! Did you think I was announcing something else?! Can someone pick my mom up off the floor?! I thought Caring Bridge would be all I needed but it has become a headache. It is so much easier to add pics on here. And I can even load video, but dial up won't let me! That will be changing in the future too, I hope!!

I've been double posting for about a week. The blogs are really cut and pasted so if you are up to date on the CB then you are up to date here! There might be some pics though, if you want to browse them. I hope everyone likes this blog too. If CB is easy for you to get to then please let me know. I don't know why I couldn't keep coping and pasting the posts. My plan is to eventually stop the CB and only use Blogger. So if you want the CB, speak up, please!

Asa will be back on motility meds tomorrow!!! He has been so gaggy and pukey the last few days! We've had to drain and vent him at least once a day. He has gone to bed without his night time cup for the last 3 nights. I hope the med proves to be our "fix". I hope we see the improvement we saw when we first started it. Or this could be just a down turn for a while. Maybe we'll know more tomorrow. The pharmacist said we should notice changes quickly, both good and bad changes.

Speaking of the pharmacist....Anna was with me when we picked up the meds tonight. The pharmacy staff is always glad to see us and we chit chat....alot! We discussed some other meds and issues. I never even had to tell them our name or what we were there for, they just know. I'm grateful for this relationship! As we were leaving though, Anna said "Is it weird that they are, like, your best friend"! I guess we are there alot. I call even more often. I'm grateful that we have them though!

And talking about Anna.....she turned 13 a few weeks ago. I can't believe it! You might expect attitude and moodiness from a 13 year old girl. I know I was dreading it! But I think she has gotten sweeter, if that is even possible! She tells me she loves me at least 5 times a day. If she does snip at us, she quickly apologizes. She gives hugs away freely, even gave me one in Target this afternoon! She is a big help with Asa, even if she won't touch the feeding tube or poopy diapers! And she is soooo funny! She really cracks me up! She is such a blessing and we probably overlook that most of the time. Now, she may flip personalities tomorrow but I know that deep down, she'll always be this precious!


m_clement said...

Kim and Asa,
I am very excited that you started a blog! How fun! I will start checking on you guys here!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you are expanding your horizons. I think you will be a an exceptional blogger ;o)

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! I love it. And yes, I thought you were going to announce something else so someone pick me up off the floor now please : )


Kim and Asa said...

Christine, you are so funny! You and Moma were the only 2 people who already knew about it! I didn't think you'd fall for it! as long as I didn't jinx myself! :O

Leylasdad said...

Hi Kim - dropping by to say hello to you and Asa! And welcome to Blogspot!


Anonymous said...

Hey, just checked out your new blog! Wanted to say hello tonight. Hope Asa's feeling better soon. Hope the meds do the trick! Have a great Valentine's Day!

Hannah Clark