Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Put Me in Coach, I'm Ready To Play

Long time, no blog!

A few weeks ago we took Gracie out to the ballpark to play around. She wanted to practice some sliding! Asa had a great time too!

Gracie showing Asa how to run the bases.

Rounding third.

Clearing off home plate! All the sliding had it covered!!

Yay! HOMERUN! After he tagged she let him o and he did 3 full circles around the plate! Victory dance maybe?

Gracie's All-Stars tournament starts this weekend. So do the 100 degree temps! I've loved her time in this coach pitch league! She's had some great coaches but loosing seasons until this year. They won 1st in our league. I'm not sure how the tourney will go but I know I'll miss it next year when she starts kid pitch!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Beach Time!!!

This time last week we were a bunch of beach bums! We went to Gulf Shores, AL and had a blast! It was Asa's first trip to the beach! I was worried about how he'd handle it. He did great though! He was good for the 9 hour car ride! He loved the sand but didn't want to go in the water. He played happily in his chair that was buried in the sand.

I didn't even take pictures! I left my camera here and barely used my phone on the beach. I bummed the ones Barry took and they are good! I guess I was just living in the moment instead of messing with a camera.

Just a quick TMI update-Asa was constipated on the way down. He would grunt forever and then we'd stop to change him but he'd just have a tiny bit. We'd change and him and drive on only to have him do the same thing all over again! I hate stopping! I like to hit the road and stop once to fill the gas tank, fill our bellies and potty. This stop and go, stop and go drove me crazy! Once we hit the beach, Asa got diarrhea! That was fun! He also got pukey in the evenings. I think he was just plain old tiring out. Asa and I rode home early with Barry who had to get back to work. I hated to cut it short but I really think he was tiring himself out! Plus we still had 3 days of beaching! The big kids loved all 6 of their days though! They went shopping, water parking, dolphin cruising and beaching! Asa wouldn't have enjoyed those activities nearly as much as they did!

I have no idea why I'm wearing a picnic table cloth as a cover up?! This was the day we got there and I ditched the thing after that!

Thank you DeeDee and Pa for such a fun trip!