Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cell phone pics

Anna FINALLY got her drivers permit! I couldn't resist acting like it was a monumental event since we had to go to the DMV 4 times before all was said and done! She failed twice and then when she passed her school form had expired so we had to make a return trip with the proper papers. Whew, it's done though and now for the training!

Cade eats green bell peppers like apples! Now I love them too but not by the mouth full! P.S. I told him I wouldn't put this on FB so nobody tell him it's on the blog! Lol

Asa got sick in the car on the way to Aquatherapy Thursday. I cancelled since puking in the pool is frowned upon by the 20 or so other people in the pool! Instead we went to Target to get his reflux meds refilled in the hopes that being off of them for the last 2 days was why he turned into a human geyser. So much for a trial wean, I thought. We got the meds and cleaned off his braces and crocs in the bathroom (yay for washable shoes! They've been puked on and washed 3 times in the last week!). Then we picked out a new school polo and khaki shorts and were headed to the checkout when round 2 started! I guess I should be proud that he has gained some control and he kept in some stomach contents in from the episode in the van earlier but having the other 1/2 come up in the electronics row at Target was no fun either. I put the clothes back up and we went to the van. I had already stripped down the carseat so I stripped Asa down and we headed home.

And FYI, that's why you should carry Lysol wipes for the buggies! I cleaned our buggy as good as I could but I'm sure I missed some of those nooks and crannies! Do you think they ever give them all a good washing down in scalding the lunch tray washer at schools? They should!

By the time we got home he had a 102 degree fever. I plugged a drain bag in and gave Motrin. He was puny looking and was ready to take him in after a nap. Instead, he just rested a while and then popped up like he was fine! My mom retired and they had her and some others a party. We picked Anna up from school and headed over there for the last 10 minutes. It was a nice gathering but we missed most of it. Asa did have 2 cups of punch so we ran away before that decided to make a reappearance. It never did though so I gave him a cup of formula and then some peanut butter and crackers.

I kept him home from school Friday because he looked tired and while he'd had no episodes I was a little wary! No need to share any germs! Good thing too because I thought it was a random bug but this morning he has a few bumps on his nose and hands so I'm guessing the Hand, Foot Mouth that was going around finally found him. We knew he'd been exposed on Saturday but when he had no symptoms by Wednesday we thought he was in the clear. That was a loooong incubation period! He did feel well enough to get a haircut though. In fact, this was the first haircut that wasn't a huge ordeal. Probably because we did it outside! I told him I needed to get around his ears and he turned around and laid down like this on his own! How smart is that?!?!

Is this eye issue something I need to check into? He saw an ophthalmologist last spring but I'm not sure he knew what he was doing. He just assumed Asa was blind and seemed stunned when Asa could see. It was odd.

Still a pretty awesome little guy!

Oh and no pic but Asa just crawled a few shuffles! Barry had seen him do it but Asa wouldn't do it for me. Barry told him to show me so Asa leaned forward and shuffled a little! Such a stinker!!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Big Cheese

Asa played the big cheese today! His school had a musical containing songs about farms. The afternoon 1/2 day classes provide the characters while the other classes sung "The Farmer and The Dell". Asa got to be the cheese at the end! I had serious doubts about whether he'd participate. There was a lot of people there and there was music kinda loud. I was ready for him to lose it and us have to leave. Instead he was great! He even liked all the other songs the other kids did after his song. I was soooo proud of him! He's come a long way from this time last year when he couldn't handle even a room full of kids. Don't get me wrong he could still improve but today was huge! Oh and sorry about the crazy at the end of the video.....I thought I'd turned it off and was just dangling the camera. And we seriously need a video camera. I've just used my phone for so long but it is full and needs more storage! Other than a crappy camera that won't zoom in video mode and a poor videographer, I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


I got this cute video of Asa trying to blow bubbles. He still blows out of his nose instead of his mouth. He is so funny!

Oh and I just realized that I hold my phone wrong while I take videos! Sorry, I'll try to remember that next time but no promises! Lol

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Walker Invention

My Daddy is a "fixer" as Gracie says. He has a real, full time job but everyone around knows that my Daddy is a fixer! He keeps a large collection of "supplies" to pull from and can come up with some cool stuff!

Asa is very blessed to have such a fixer in his corner! Remember he built Asa his first trial wheelchair? Here's a link to one pic of Daddy's first version. It gave us the first clues that Asa was able to get around on his own.

Now Daddy came up with another invention. He built Asa a walker that suspends him and let's him balance on his own more. He'd like a harness type holder but we tried the seat from the gait trainer today it worked out. Asa still got to see how it feels to wobble and how using his body can turn and propel him in different directions. We got some good video but I couldn't get it to load to YouTube.

I think Asa had a good time hanging out and walking! Thank you Daddy!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter pics

I think I better post these pictures before April is gone!

My brother brought his fancy camera to my parents house to take Easter pics. I was the lucky test dummy checking for the right background and lighting. I think I missed my calling!

I love Cade's pose! Seriously captures his attitude! Lol!

We also had to get one of Asa in his walker. It was his first Easter to get out and hunt eggs without help. Turns out he is more interested in walking around than getting eggs! Can you tell Asa's gagging in this one? He isn't getting sick anymore but some days he's in a constant state of gagging. I just don't get it!

My Love!

My girls!

My parents and all 8 grand kids!!!

My brother and his family

How they normally act!

I noticed that my eyes are closed in nearly all my pics!! What's up with that?

Pics please

The kids have had spring break this week! It has been so wonderful!!!! I'd never tell them but I can't wait for summer break either! We've just been hanging out and doing what you do when you don't have to be up and out the door or to 3 different appointments or have homework and bedtimes!

This is how we do PT at home! Asa loves to wrestle. He loves to be tickled and to kick and climb over us. I figure it's a pretty decent workout!

Gracie's softball season started. Her team looks pretty good too!

She also got her birthday puppy this week. Her birthday isn't until the 21st but I wanted to get the puppy this week so she could share in the joy of house training! At the rate we are going we'll still be potty training at summer break too!

Gracie picked a puppy over a big party and after checking the skating rink, bowling alley and CEC I think we made a good trade!

So this is a little of our spring break fun. My brother has some great Easter pics of us on his FB that I need to copy here for the next post. So much fun!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Paci free

I should have blogged this before but I'd forget and it didn't seem significant enough to warrant its own post. If I keep waiting until I remember though I'll never get it out!

Asa has been paci free for 2 1/2 weeks! Woo Hoo! It started kinda accidentally. I realized he hadn't had a paci all day and I got him to go to bed without one that Tuesday night. Barry puts Asa to bed on Wednesday and I forgot to tell him that Asa hadn't had a paci in 24 hours so he gave him one that night. Later that week Asa found one in the floor in his room and popped it in his mouth. He'd didn't fuss when I asked for it back though! He's also had it twice at school when he's gotten really sick.

I guess that doesn't sound like he is weaned but I'm calling it! If you knew how many sick spells we've made it through WITHOUT a paci you'd call it too. I really think the sucking would ease some of the reflux and gagging. Now he just gags and gags. He's head has been full of thick, gross gunk too so he has really not felt so hot. He is on the second half of his antibiotic for a sinus infection and is still very sneezy, coughing and gagging. He hasn't had a fever though. Anyway, I never thought we'd be able to wean so easily much less when he's been sick!

And he's only 4 1/2! :-)

Check out this paci free pic! He usually cheeses it up really big when I try to snap a pic but I almost never catch the huge smile. I wish he didn't have on Gracie's sunglasses so you could see those eyes sparkling too! Love him!!