Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter pics

I think I better post these pictures before April is gone!

My brother brought his fancy camera to my parents house to take Easter pics. I was the lucky test dummy checking for the right background and lighting. I think I missed my calling!

I love Cade's pose! Seriously captures his attitude! Lol!

We also had to get one of Asa in his walker. It was his first Easter to get out and hunt eggs without help. Turns out he is more interested in walking around than getting eggs! Can you tell Asa's gagging in this one? He isn't getting sick anymore but some days he's in a constant state of gagging. I just don't get it!

My Love!

My girls!

My parents and all 8 grand kids!!!

My brother and his family

How they normally act!

I noticed that my eyes are closed in nearly all my pics!! What's up with that?

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