Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pics please

The kids have had spring break this week! It has been so wonderful!!!! I'd never tell them but I can't wait for summer break either! We've just been hanging out and doing what you do when you don't have to be up and out the door or to 3 different appointments or have homework and bedtimes!

This is how we do PT at home! Asa loves to wrestle. He loves to be tickled and to kick and climb over us. I figure it's a pretty decent workout!

Gracie's softball season started. Her team looks pretty good too!

She also got her birthday puppy this week. Her birthday isn't until the 21st but I wanted to get the puppy this week so she could share in the joy of house training! At the rate we are going we'll still be potty training at summer break too!

Gracie picked a puppy over a big party and after checking the skating rink, bowling alley and CEC I think we made a good trade!

So this is a little of our spring break fun. My brother has some great Easter pics of us on his FB that I need to copy here for the next post. So much fun!

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