Monday, February 27, 2012

Who's up for a run?!!

There's less than a month until the Jackson Culley Mito What 5K in Millington! Guess what that means.....I walked 2 miles today! I'm a little behind if I hope to run this year. Behind even if I run/walk this year. Shoot, even behind if I want to walk in the 1 mile fun walk! I'd LOVE if any of y'all local folks want to join us on Team Asa!

There are 4 ways you can join us this year. you can join us and kick my behind by running the 5k! Or if you're like me and not quite ready for that you can join us for the Jack Pack Fun Run/Walk. You can also be a Spirit Runner and get a shirt but not have to show up or run. And lastly, you can make a donation to the UMDF right from the race registration site. See, there's something for everyone!

This year's race is very special! It's March 24th and that just happens to be Jack's 5th birthday!! How cool would it be to set a donation and attendance record for Jackson's birthday! Pretty awesome party!!!

This year will also be tough too though because it'll be the first race without our mito girl, Emma. Our Memphis mito group started with just 4 kids and now sweet Emma is gone. There have been many mito deaths this past year. Too many! Just another reason to memory of such awesome kids!

So, details.... 3rd Annual Jackson Culley Mito What 5K, in Millington Tn, will be March 24th at 8am. You can register here as a 5k runner, a 1 mile runner/walker, a spirit runner (includes a shirt) or make a donation. Thank you all so much for the love and support you've all given to Asa and his mito buds!

Friday, February 24, 2012

A great day

Asa had such a great day Thursday!

He started off the day by getting out of bed by himself and scooting out of his room alone. When he got to the living room he just started playing with his toys. It was the most adorable thing ever! He usually wakes up and kicks the wall until we get him up. He's rarely fussy and will play alone but he usually stays in bed. Occasionally he will get his feet on the floor but will hang onto to the bed for dear life. For him to get up and come play is wonderful!

He had Aquatherapy and had a pretty good time. He is getting so used to the "games", aka therapy, that he gets short tempered quickly! I'm sure that's a good development skill but one that makes more hoops for us to jump thru! :)

Speaking of hoops.... His therapist used a hula hoop to get him to walk without holding hands. At first this was fun and worked wonderfully but it didn't take long for him realize he was working and he loudly voiced his objection! We tried it outside at home and the same thing happened. He took off and then realized I wasn't holding him and he got MAD! He has got the skill but now he needs the motivation!

After therapy we visited with his teacher from his other school. I know Asa is more suited for the school he's in now and those teachers are great but I sure do miss his old teachers!! Asa went in happy and started playing like old times. He really seemed big in the class to me. I guess seeing him with the bigger toys from the new class made him seem older. I guess that's the point of pushing him to grow and develop, huh! He had lots of hugs and was super sweet! I can't wait to go visit again!

I'm just stunned each time we get a teacher or therapist who is so amazing! Maybe most are great and my expectations are low but I'm always nervous. And yet each time it doesn't take long before I can see how God directed these folks into our lives. I feel so blessed by each person who has loved and helped us in our journey so far. I hear that Asa touches others but I'm being so touched by seeing how others love my boy! We are blessed!

After school Asa and I didn't even come inside. It was almost 80 degrees and wonderful. The wind was blowing but Asa didn't even mind! I can't wait for more days like these! With Asa's new strength, stamina and desire to explore we should have many adventures! :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sickie's Part II

Asa's bug has taken out another victim! Gracie is sick now. Asa had fever Monday and Tuesday. Gracie's had fever Wednesday and today. She missed school Wednesday but after her medicine kicked in she was feeling pretty good. I sent her to school today and she made it until 10am before she called to come home. Asa is fever free but they both just lay around on the couch today. Hopefully tomorrow will be back to our regular routine! Asa missed school all week and Gracie has missed 2 days.

Asa's GI appointment went well yesterday. He is 33 lbs and 34 1/2". That means he's gained a few pounds in the last 4 months. I'm not really thrilled though because it's only because he's on Elecare and only eating a tiny bit of real food. If he is eating food then he looses weight. What's better....a solid weight and nutrition or a more "normal" diet? We added an afternoon dose of Prevacid a month ago and since then Asa's not been nearly as pukey. If he starts that up again he'll need a scope. Hopefully that won't be necessary though! He also had some blood taken to check for some vitamin deficiencies. I doubt they'll show anything. It doesn't hurt to check. Easy for me to say! Asa said it hurt plenty! :)

A funny from tonight: Asa was sitting in a clothes basket playing with a NERF gun with Cade. He started gaggy and puked. This reminded me to tell barry about the GI appt yesterday! I told him if the puking picked back up they'd scope Asa. Barry said he doesnt think Asa needs a scope. Cade piped up with "Of course he doesn't need a scope! He can't even handle a regular gun"! Hahaha!

Monday, February 13, 2012


Asa is a sick little boy. He started running a fever Sunday morning and had a cough. As the day went on so did the cough, to the point that he started puking. Thankfully that didn't last long and he hasn't got sick since Sunday night. He is still running a fever, coughing and just overall puny.

He missed school today and will miss tomorrow since he's running a fever tonight. Wednesday he has a GI appt so he'll probably miss that day too. I'm glad we have the appt so at least we can get vitals and they'll listen to be sure he is ok. How often does it happen that you already have an appt and then get sick?!

Gracie has not been feeling great but she's not had fever and she is fine when she needs to be but is terribly sick at chore time! Since Asa is sick she's been feeling worse though. She's been taking her temp several times a day. Last night....Sunday night, school day eve....she took her temp again. She went to the bathroom and came out several minutes later with a temp of 104! Yes, that's correct! One hundred and four degrees! 1-0-4! I really tried not to laugh because obviously she was not running a fever that high. She was wrestling with Cade 5 minutes before! Sadly she still had to go to school today! She's such a mess!

Hopefully everyone is on the mend and the germies are banned soon!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Adventure boy

Saturday was a nice day and we took Cade and Gracie and some friends to our church gym to shoot hoops. Asa had no desire to play inside so we headed outside to the parking lot. He loved riding his car down the slope and eventually found the water puddle at the bottom of the slope. I never realized it but he's never played in a water puddle before. He had a blast and I let him get his shoes and braces soaked!

At some point Cade came out and played a while. A few minutes later he said "hey, where'd Asa go"? We had been talking and didn't even notice that Asa was gone. But where did he go? It's an open area with no corners he could hide around. And we are in the boonies, in an empty parking lot. He was just gone! I was wondering if the rapture had come! The only place he could have gone was.....down in a deep drainage ditch!! Y'all my heart stopped until I looked over the edge!

Asa was perfectly happy! He never screamed or cried. Apparently he just feel in and started playing in the leaves! Thank goodness for leaves or he'd been in water and mud!

Cade jumped in to help him out but Asa would push our hands out of the way and grab more leaves! He finally sat up but still didn't want to get out. He also enjoyed his warm bath at home after we finally got him out!

Here's a video if you've got 4 minutes to waste!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Couple of videos

Asa likes to wrestle. If you lay in the floor he tries to climb all over you and kicks like crazy. And he kicks hard!!! Usually I'm the one he is wrestling with but I got this video of him and Cade. They'd been at it while so he was a little worn out by the time I started the video. And for some reason Asa loves how rough Cade is with him. BOYS!!!

Again I'm slow with the video! This was much funnier when he first started. Asa rarely mimics our sounds but for some reason he tried to mimic Cade's burp!

Asa spent a great deal of our Target shopping trip entertaining himself by sticking his "fidget" in the shopping buggy and pulling it back out. He cracked up when it got hung and would laugh and laugh! I just had to stop and video because life is short and every laugh should be remembered!

After this got old Asa wanted out of the cart and wanted to push and walk. He ended up holding the buggy with his right hand and holding my hand with his left hand. He walked from the girls clothes section, in front of the birthday cards, took a left and walked all the way to the toys at the back of the store! Then he ditched the buggy and held both of my hands while he made a lap around one aisle of the toys.

And then he had school! What some exercise!!!