Saturday, February 4, 2012

Adventure boy

Saturday was a nice day and we took Cade and Gracie and some friends to our church gym to shoot hoops. Asa had no desire to play inside so we headed outside to the parking lot. He loved riding his car down the slope and eventually found the water puddle at the bottom of the slope. I never realized it but he's never played in a water puddle before. He had a blast and I let him get his shoes and braces soaked!

At some point Cade came out and played a while. A few minutes later he said "hey, where'd Asa go"? We had been talking and didn't even notice that Asa was gone. But where did he go? It's an open area with no corners he could hide around. And we are in the boonies, in an empty parking lot. He was just gone! I was wondering if the rapture had come! The only place he could have gone was.....down in a deep drainage ditch!! Y'all my heart stopped until I looked over the edge!

Asa was perfectly happy! He never screamed or cried. Apparently he just feel in and started playing in the leaves! Thank goodness for leaves or he'd been in water and mud!

Cade jumped in to help him out but Asa would push our hands out of the way and grab more leaves! He finally sat up but still didn't want to get out. He also enjoyed his warm bath at home after we finally got him out!

Here's a video if you've got 4 minutes to waste!


Anonymous said...

Kim, I really enjoyed the video made of Asa in the Maple Springs parking lot. You are such a great mother to just let him play in the puddle! I'm glad the ditch had leaves too, or that could have been a big bump. He is boy, through and through! Thanks for posting such amazing pictures and videos! I rejoice at even his ability on the riding toy! PTL!!! Love, Mrs. Margaret

Kim and Asa said...

Mrs. Margaret, you are right about the ride on toy! It wasn't long ago that Moma bought him one similar and he would freak out because he was so unsteady. This came with a ramp and was his Christmas present. He isn't crazy about the ramp yet but he sure liked the gentle slope of the parking lot! And did you hear his "talking"? It's mostly grunts or sighs but his eyes tell you he is sure talking to you!

Thanks for commenting! Thanks for the prayers and encouragement!