Friday, February 24, 2012

A great day

Asa had such a great day Thursday!

He started off the day by getting out of bed by himself and scooting out of his room alone. When he got to the living room he just started playing with his toys. It was the most adorable thing ever! He usually wakes up and kicks the wall until we get him up. He's rarely fussy and will play alone but he usually stays in bed. Occasionally he will get his feet on the floor but will hang onto to the bed for dear life. For him to get up and come play is wonderful!

He had Aquatherapy and had a pretty good time. He is getting so used to the "games", aka therapy, that he gets short tempered quickly! I'm sure that's a good development skill but one that makes more hoops for us to jump thru! :)

Speaking of hoops.... His therapist used a hula hoop to get him to walk without holding hands. At first this was fun and worked wonderfully but it didn't take long for him realize he was working and he loudly voiced his objection! We tried it outside at home and the same thing happened. He took off and then realized I wasn't holding him and he got MAD! He has got the skill but now he needs the motivation!

After therapy we visited with his teacher from his other school. I know Asa is more suited for the school he's in now and those teachers are great but I sure do miss his old teachers!! Asa went in happy and started playing like old times. He really seemed big in the class to me. I guess seeing him with the bigger toys from the new class made him seem older. I guess that's the point of pushing him to grow and develop, huh! He had lots of hugs and was super sweet! I can't wait to go visit again!

I'm just stunned each time we get a teacher or therapist who is so amazing! Maybe most are great and my expectations are low but I'm always nervous. And yet each time it doesn't take long before I can see how God directed these folks into our lives. I feel so blessed by each person who has loved and helped us in our journey so far. I hear that Asa touches others but I'm being so touched by seeing how others love my boy! We are blessed!

After school Asa and I didn't even come inside. It was almost 80 degrees and wonderful. The wind was blowing but Asa didn't even mind! I can't wait for more days like these! With Asa's new strength, stamina and desire to explore we should have many adventures! :)

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Anonymous said...

I love to read these wonderful reports! I sound like I am repeating myself but it is what needs to be said again, "Wow! God is SO good!" May He continue to bless your whole family! Love, Mrs. Margaret