Monday, February 13, 2012


Asa is a sick little boy. He started running a fever Sunday morning and had a cough. As the day went on so did the cough, to the point that he started puking. Thankfully that didn't last long and he hasn't got sick since Sunday night. He is still running a fever, coughing and just overall puny.

He missed school today and will miss tomorrow since he's running a fever tonight. Wednesday he has a GI appt so he'll probably miss that day too. I'm glad we have the appt so at least we can get vitals and they'll listen to be sure he is ok. How often does it happen that you already have an appt and then get sick?!

Gracie has not been feeling great but she's not had fever and she is fine when she needs to be but is terribly sick at chore time! Since Asa is sick she's been feeling worse though. She's been taking her temp several times a day. Last night....Sunday night, school day eve....she took her temp again. She went to the bathroom and came out several minutes later with a temp of 104! Yes, that's correct! One hundred and four degrees! 1-0-4! I really tried not to laugh because obviously she was not running a fever that high. She was wrestling with Cade 5 minutes before! Sadly she still had to go to school today! She's such a mess!

Hopefully everyone is on the mend and the germies are banned soon!

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