Tuesday, June 3, 2014

We are still here!

I can't believe that I haven't posted since Christmas! The only reason I'm posting how is because I need to free up room on my phone for more pictures and videos. I'm scared if I put them on the computer it'll just crash so I figure I'll put them on the blog and they'll live forever....right?! 

This time last year we had to hold Asa's hand when he walked around on uneven ground, but he has become very adventurous this spring/summer! It was really cute when he'd roam all over the yard while we watched from the porch. That is until a few days in row that he just went outside, off the deck, around the yard and finally into the woods without anyone else around!! That's kind of adventure is scary!! So now all the doors are triple locked!

He loves being up high. 

Or in confined spaces!

Gracie had been putting the sprinkler on the trampoline and jumping with Asa. One morning, he headed outside without her and tried to put the sprinkler under there by himself. 

He's had some fun nights at Cade's baseball games....another first! He's always hated the ball games. They are loud, hot, too busy and there's no Curious George. This year his love for dirt has kept him occupied a few nights. Other nights we wait in the van with a direct view of the field. 

And he still loves flags! We stopped at this display of flags after he was such a good worker in aquatherapy. It was really windy that day, which made for great flag flying but is one of Asa's triggers. He wanted to see the flags so badly that he risked it. He did really great for a long time. Then, he buried his head into my chest and covered his ears when the wind blew the hardest. I could never convince him that doing that would keep the wind from bothering him until the day we were looking at flags. I call that progress too! 

I'll post more with some of the medical and school updates but for now at least you get pictures!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Asa loves walking in the fall leaves. This morning the leaves were wet so I wouldn't get in the grass with him while we waited for my mom to pick him up for school. I promised to walk with him after school.  Anna picked him up after school. He usually comes in the back door, but instead he walked to the front walk. Yep, right under the tree I told him I'd walk with him under! Smart boy! 

He wasn't satisfied with walking in the few trees around the house so he pointed down onto the trails in woods beside the house. So, off we went! He didn't like staying on the trails. That's okay though because he did lots of PT work by stepping over fallen trees and limbs. He even picked up his own walking stick (twig really) and swung it around in front of us. I pretended he was clearing the way of spider webs. There's a slight chance he was trashing at the dogs walking along in front of us. In any case, I didn't walk thru a single spider web! I HATE spiders and their webs! 

We found the prefect grapevine to swing over a little ditch. I tested it out before the kids of course. Safety first! Asa didn't swing but cracked up at us! He did have fun walking across the ditch on a limb. So much for his fear of heights! I guess that's just the stairs. He did have a good grip on both of my hands and he got panicky the second time. Anna got a great pic of him with her cell phone!

What a great afternoon!