Monday, January 21, 2013


I can't believe it's been soooo long without an update! We had a great Thanksgiving and Christmas! We had a wonderful long break after Christmas and even Barry was off work for the week!

Now we are back into the school routine....mostly! Asa has had a few days of low energy and droopy days. I keep thinking he's getting sick but after a day of rest he feels perky again!

Asa has learned a few new tricks since I last updated. He has learned to get out of his booster seat at the kitchen table. Since he's walking now, we can't just put him somewhere and walk away. He gets up and follows. This is great unless you like to shower, potty or just be alone! The kitchen table is the only place we could still put him and get a few minutes of alone time! No more! Boy are we in trouble! One night he wouldn't eat supper. He scooted his plate away, got out of his chair and walked to the front door! Thankfully, the door was deadbolted becausehe was sure turning the handle!

He also recently learned to shake his head "no" and nod "yes". I really didn't realize that Asa had missed the skill of learning to say "yes" and " no" butbtheynpointed it out in May that it'd be a good skill to learn over the summer. Well, he has it down now but we still thought he was just mimicking us and not really answering for himself. Until a few weeks ago! Cade had a science experiment that used a big tub of flour. After the experiment, they played in the flour. Asa would put his fingers in his mouth and I'd say "don't eat the flour" to which he'd nod his head and eat more! He also tried to bring the tub onto the carpet and I'd say "don't bring it on the carpet" to which he'd nod his head and try harder! Soooo, he knows how to answer with a nod or shake and also how to disobey! Great skills but boy are we in trouble!

And speaking of "no", Asa's learned his first word!!! He clearly says "no"!!! He doesn't just SAY "no" but he growls it!!!! "Asa, it's bedtime." "NOOOOOO", he growls! He also shakes his head like crazy when he says it! It's pretty darn cute!

So that catches you up on all the fun stuff going on around here! If this still doesn't make up for our loooong absence, check out these videos! WARNING: video 3 is long and I'm loud and obnoxious but Asa is playful and adorable! :)