Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday

Today is Asa's 6th birthday!! Time has really flown by. This last year has brought a lot of fun! We've seen the most progress across the board this year.

 Last October he'd just started walking. This year Asa has a cute little trot, he jumps and gets both feet off the floor when he's holding onto something, and he shakes his little booty when we ask him to. He understands everything we say to him. He also ignores us when he wants to. He still doesn't have any words but he's doing so much better at using the signs he knows, using his talker and using pointing to tell is his needs and wants.

 As my last post showed, Asa is eating up a storm!! Sometimes this causes terrible tummy aches but OTC meds are working pretty good. We almost never use the feeding tube. He tends to fidget with it if he can get to it. He usually has it popped open. And he tugs at it like its nothing! I guess since he's had it since before he was 1 year old, it is kinda nothing to him! I kinda thought that removing the tube would make a great b-day gift! I chickened out though!

 Like all of Asa's birthdays, this one is bittersweet. It's another year that's ticked by and the gulf between him and typical peers seems to widen in many ways even though he's made a ton of achievements this year. He couldn't stay in the pre-k class he was in last year just because of this birthday. Even though he's the size of the 4year olds, the skill levels are more equal and the school had everything just the size for little guys, he was turning 6 so he had to move on up. I'm still wrestling with the logic. We don't pass out drivers license just because you turn 16. We don't take drivers license away at 65 or move into retirement homes at 70. So being 6 years old, makes him a Kindergartener. Plus, now we have to pay for more activities with him. All those discounts for 5 and under are gone! ;)

 Of course, we realize and appreciate the blessings another year brings our family that many don't get a chance to experience. Even more so this year for me. Several special mito warriors have died in this year that Asa's turned 6. My heart is heavy for those sweet families! I look at Asa and am daily reminded what a blessing another year truly is! It's difficult to have a pity party for very long. So bring on Year 6 and I'll let God lead and guide like He's done since we first held this precious gift 6 years ago.