Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sickie's Part II

Asa's bug has taken out another victim! Gracie is sick now. Asa had fever Monday and Tuesday. Gracie's had fever Wednesday and today. She missed school Wednesday but after her medicine kicked in she was feeling pretty good. I sent her to school today and she made it until 10am before she called to come home. Asa is fever free but they both just lay around on the couch today. Hopefully tomorrow will be back to our regular routine! Asa missed school all week and Gracie has missed 2 days.

Asa's GI appointment went well yesterday. He is 33 lbs and 34 1/2". That means he's gained a few pounds in the last 4 months. I'm not really thrilled though because it's only because he's on Elecare and only eating a tiny bit of real food. If he is eating food then he looses weight. What's better....a solid weight and nutrition or a more "normal" diet? We added an afternoon dose of Prevacid a month ago and since then Asa's not been nearly as pukey. If he starts that up again he'll need a scope. Hopefully that won't be necessary though! He also had some blood taken to check for some vitamin deficiencies. I doubt they'll show anything. It doesn't hurt to check. Easy for me to say! Asa said it hurt plenty! :)

A funny from tonight: Asa was sitting in a clothes basket playing with a NERF gun with Cade. He started gaggy and puked. This reminded me to tell barry about the GI appt yesterday! I told him if the puking picked back up they'd scope Asa. Barry said he doesnt think Asa needs a scope. Cade piped up with "Of course he doesn't need a scope! He can't even handle a regular gun"! Hahaha!

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