Thursday, February 2, 2012

Couple of videos

Asa likes to wrestle. If you lay in the floor he tries to climb all over you and kicks like crazy. And he kicks hard!!! Usually I'm the one he is wrestling with but I got this video of him and Cade. They'd been at it while so he was a little worn out by the time I started the video. And for some reason Asa loves how rough Cade is with him. BOYS!!!

Again I'm slow with the video! This was much funnier when he first started. Asa rarely mimics our sounds but for some reason he tried to mimic Cade's burp!

Asa spent a great deal of our Target shopping trip entertaining himself by sticking his "fidget" in the shopping buggy and pulling it back out. He cracked up when it got hung and would laugh and laugh! I just had to stop and video because life is short and every laugh should be remembered!

After this got old Asa wanted out of the cart and wanted to push and walk. He ended up holding the buggy with his right hand and holding my hand with his left hand. He walked from the girls clothes section, in front of the birthday cards, took a left and walked all the way to the toys at the back of the store! Then he ditched the buggy and held both of my hands while he made a lap around one aisle of the toys.

And then he had school! What some exercise!!!

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