Friday, January 27, 2012

School update

I hesitated to post until now so I didn't jinx anything but....Asa made it a whole week at his new school! Not only did he make it, he LOVED it! He went in class everyday with no problems. His lunch box was empty every afternoon. He went on the accessible playground. He had circle time with his friends. He had a great time!

And he did all of this without getting sick! Well, at least not at school. He still got sick at home a few times. I do think it's decreased since we added an extra dose of Prevacid. He had a nurse in the room 2 or 3 days but didn't need her.

Asa has 2 of the same therapist that he's had the last 2 years. And the nurse was the one from his first class. I'm glad these ladies are watching after him. I thought he liked school but they could verify that he really was loving it.

And I'm thankful for the new friends at school. Plenty of teachers and kids are quick to say "Hi, Asa" as we walk down the hall. Today several kids commented on his wheelchair. They had been studying transportation and a wheelchair was in one of the books. One of the kids said "he's such a cute baby" and the teacher told them that he isn't a baby but his muscles just won't let him walk like them so he uses the wheelchair as transportation. I just thought this whole exchange was pretty sweet. Asa just sat and watched the kids as they used him as a lesson plan.

Oh and just in case you think Asa doesn't understand because he doesn't talk, let me tell you this... He has been hanging his feet off the side of the foot plate on the wheelchair. He isn't dragging on anything but it makes him slouch down. So I was pushing him down the hall and said "Asa put your feet back on your foot rest". And he did it! I admit, I was impressed! Who knew he could get such a sentence. If I'd been trying to get him to follow directions I would have said "asa pick your feet up". That he can follow, but I used way more words than that and he still got it!! Such a smart boy! I know so many good things are in store for him!

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Asa! I am so glad that he is doing so well with the new surroundings.