Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend update!

On Friday, Asa and I visited his new class at his new school. I don't think I told y'all about his class. There was a few choices of teachers. I looked at 2 classes and then the principal mentioned a third teacher. Her name is Birdie. This rang a bell with me. I think I blogged about it before but I can't find it now. Anyway, many many moons ago I was in line to checkout somewhere. I'd guess Walmart since that's where I spend 90% of my free time. The lady behind me asked about Asa and his special needs. Turns out she was a special Ed teacher at the school he will be at now! I had forgotten all about it until I heard her name again. We walked down to the room and guess what she had....a huge cardboard box playhouse! Right up Asa's alley! So Asa and I hung out in Mrs Birdie's room Friday afternoon. I answered questions and the nurse from the Asa's first class stopped by to train the new teachers on draining the feeding tube. We kinda hoped he'd get upset and need draining so we could show them in real time! Instead Asa did great! He loves the room and the new toys. He even sat beside one boy and rubbed his head! The other boys were so sweet too. Very calm and well behaved. I hope Asa picks up this behavior! And listen to how great these nurses are...even though Asa really doesn't qualify for nursing they are supposed to go tomorrow and be back up if his new teachers need it. We only stayed 2 hours Friday and he'll be there 3 hours from now on so hopefully he can make it! Here's a few pics I snapped.

After school we kidnapped Anna's boyfriend, with his parents permission, and surprised Anna with a birthday trip ice skating! We had fun but it's hard! Lol!

Gracie and I were trying to show how tired we were after 2 hours!

And this was what Gracie and I saw Saturday morning when we heard noises in Asa's room and went in to get him out of bed! With the light off it was dark in his room but we flipped the light switch and saw that Asa had gotten out of bed and cruised to the end where his toy shelf is! He was standing so tall and rocking the shelves.....time to tie those down! Gracie I were both surprised and we ran off in opposite directions to grab cameras! he was happy to pose for pics! He's gotten out of bed before but mostly just to slide to the floor. He has never roamed around before. He's never even cruised this far on anything!

We are looking forward to a new week full of firsts!

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