Thursday, January 12, 2012

We did it!

Before I get to my meeting with Asa's school I've got to tell you about an amazing thing that happened this afternoon. Many of you will see no significance in my story but many of you will!

I'm pretty sure that I haven't used a public bathroom since Asa's been born if I've been out alone with him. I've tried a few times but the flushing terrified him. More importantly, there just isn't an easy way to do it. I can't hold him, I can't sit him on the floor and most stalls aren't big enough for a stroller/wheelchair/buggy.

Today though, before we changed at aqua therapy, we went into the large family bathroom. I stood Asa against the wall near the door where he stayed while I did what you do in there! He has the ability to stand there propped but not the confidence to shuffle down the wall to get into something! It was perfect! I did think he was gonna take his first steps when I started rolling out the TP! That really cracked him up and he wanted to play so badly!

Ok now if you are done hooting and hollering with me about the potty I'll tell you about the meeting today. I think it went really well! Asa's teacher, OT, PT and SLP were there to speak up for him. We reviewed his history and his present skills and the need to challenge him more. We ended with the plan for me to visit tomorrow afternoon and see the 2 classes that seem like the most likely placement. I'm so thankful that Asa's OT and PT go to both schools so they can give the most accurate info. Asa will visit therevwith me on next Friday and then he'll start full force on the next Monday, January 23.

The class will have 4 other kids. They will go the lunchroom, art, music, plus his therapies. I have some reservations about such a busy schedule for the little guy but I think after some adjustment he'll love it! I just hope the teachers are ready for him! He is used to giving the schedule for the day not following someone else's!

I'd really like him to go ahead and start next week but they are out Monday for MLK, Jr day. Then Wednesday and Thursday there is a big conference with Assistive Technology. RJ Cooper will be seeing several kids from the area to show off some great special Ed tools! On Thursday afternoon Asa is going to be one of his students. I'm pretty excited and I hope Asa behaves himself! A couple of times he's really preformed for crowds but just as many times he's had meltdowns. I guess we'll find out next Thursday!

Thanks for all the prayers for today's meeting. I had such peace going in there! And I have a lot of excitement for his next big step!

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Anonymous said...

It all sounds great! I am wishing you lots of luck with his new schedule and such :o)