Thursday, January 19, 2012

Assistive Technology

Asa had his appointment with RJ Cooper today. He did his Asa usual. He did really well but then lost it a little but not too badly. I just thought we were going to see some equipment but the little chat at the end was right on! And I think RJ might could fix those fits if he was in charge for a minute! What a patient, observant man! I saw him work with several kids with varying needs and he just reacted to each ones needs seamlessly! Pretty cool since he only met them as they came into the room with just a little written background.

It's a 12 minute video so you casual observers may not want to watch. We missed a few minutes at the beginning. Asa had an iPad with 4 choices...tissue, music, book or tickle. Asa choose tissue which was supposed to be a non desirable object. Asa likes tissues though so he didn't mind his choice. Eventually RJ helped him choose music and he did a little dance with him. This kinda pushed asa over a very fine line. RJ worked thru it and asa made some more choices but never really got comfortable. He did well though! The finally directions were if we did these choices for 10 minutes, twice a week we'd see a different kid in 30 days! His program cost $30 so I haven't jumped on it just yet. and after I take Asa out if his chair his bottled up energy comes blasting out! I have no idea where all that jumping came from!

Anyway, watch at your own risk! :)


Anonymous said...

So is this to help with his behavior or is this to help with communication? I couldn't get over how much energy he had after he got out the chair. Is he like that a lot or was this just something he does occasionally? Sorry about all the questions. I'm just trying to understand a *little* of what you have to deal with. BTW, I love his haircut ;o)

Kim said...

Susan I love questions! And thanks for the haircut comment! I chop on it all the time. A little here, a little there! Lol

We hope that if he learns to use a talker he will be less frustrated and will mellow out a lot. Of course learning the skills and using the skills is 2 separate things! He may learn but still scream just because it's easier and he's rotten! It was perfect how RJ described it as a tic. Asa screams when he is happy, sad, scared, tired....anytime! He has gotten much much better though!

As for the energy.... This is not normal for him! He gets goofy and "happy feet" occasionally but this was the longest and wildest! Maybe he liked having an audience! Lol!! He's either hot or cold, not much of a middle of the road! It's always fun!
Thanks for watching and commenting!