Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Big Cheese

Asa played the big cheese today! His school had a musical containing songs about farms. The afternoon 1/2 day classes provide the characters while the other classes sung "The Farmer and The Dell". Asa got to be the cheese at the end! I had serious doubts about whether he'd participate. There was a lot of people there and there was music kinda loud. I was ready for him to lose it and us have to leave. Instead he was great! He even liked all the other songs the other kids did after his song. I was soooo proud of him! He's come a long way from this time last year when he couldn't handle even a room full of kids. Don't get me wrong he could still improve but today was huge! Oh and sorry about the crazy at the end of the video.....I thought I'd turned it off and was just dangling the camera. And we seriously need a video camera. I've just used my phone for so long but it is full and needs more storage! Other than a crappy camera that won't zoom in video mode and a poor videographer, I hope you enjoy!

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marie clare said...

What a great video!! Asa did such a great job,!!