Thursday, April 5, 2012

Paci free

I should have blogged this before but I'd forget and it didn't seem significant enough to warrant its own post. If I keep waiting until I remember though I'll never get it out!

Asa has been paci free for 2 1/2 weeks! Woo Hoo! It started kinda accidentally. I realized he hadn't had a paci all day and I got him to go to bed without one that Tuesday night. Barry puts Asa to bed on Wednesday and I forgot to tell him that Asa hadn't had a paci in 24 hours so he gave him one that night. Later that week Asa found one in the floor in his room and popped it in his mouth. He'd didn't fuss when I asked for it back though! He's also had it twice at school when he's gotten really sick.

I guess that doesn't sound like he is weaned but I'm calling it! If you knew how many sick spells we've made it through WITHOUT a paci you'd call it too. I really think the sucking would ease some of the reflux and gagging. Now he just gags and gags. He's head has been full of thick, gross gunk too so he has really not felt so hot. He is on the second half of his antibiotic for a sinus infection and is still very sneezy, coughing and gagging. He hasn't had a fever though. Anyway, I never thought we'd be able to wean so easily much less when he's been sick!

And he's only 4 1/2! :-)

Check out this paci free pic! He usually cheeses it up really big when I try to snap a pic but I almost never catch the huge smile. I wish he didn't have on Gracie's sunglasses so you could see those eyes sparkling too! Love him!!

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