Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cade is 9!!

I can't believe our Cade is 9!!

I spent the day with him yesterday and I could really tell he was maturing and getting older. He was so polite and opened doors for me. He was patient while I took care of my errands before we got to his shopping! Of course, I've drilled the door thing into his head since we've had Asa and my hands are usually full!!

I remember when we had the ultrasound that showed he was a boy. Anna was heartbroken and it took a few days for her to really believe she was having a baby brother!

Cade was born at 37 weeks. I was worried the whole time I was pregnant with him. I'd read too many books by kid #2! In the labor room I was concerned he'd be small and need help. The midwife assured me he was Ok and likely 6-7lbs. A few hours later and we found out he was 9lbs. 4oz!!! Not too bad for a 37 weeker....if you still believe that!

He was always all boy! He loved trucks and balls and tools, even as a tiny thing!! He is stil all boy. He loves playing Nerf guns, baseball, exploring the woods, creating "hide outs" and riding his 4 wheeler.

He loved his Anna too! And she loved him, insisting that he move in her room with her at a young 18 months old!! Cade had just turned 2 when Gracie came along!! They have had a love-hate, but mostly love, relationship from the get go! Cade always let Gracie play right along with him and some of her tomboyness may be from her close relationship with him! They are so much alike that they clash.

Cade is pretty jealous of others with Asa. He wants to be the big brother so badly that he smothers Asa, not literally of course, but Asa is a kid who needs his space. Cade loves for Asa to come into his room to sit or play.

And what Asa lacks in eating, Cade makes up for but with sweets!! He has the biggest sweet tooth! He can smell sugar and chocolate from a mile away!

He is also the neat one around here! His room is spotless. Everything has a place and everything in its place! I wish I could be more like him!! I hope this is a habit he never loses!!!

Next year he will be double digits and that is so sad to me! Double digits is nearly a teen. And a teen is nearly high school. High school is right around the corner from college! Aaaack!

I have to go hug my sweet, I mean tough and rugged, birthday boy!!


m_clement said...

Happy Birthday Cade!

Debbie said...

Thanks for finding us!

Love your Blog Title...