Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our new toy!

We have a new toy here at the Wilson home!!! I'm so excited because I've been pouring over the classifieds, CL, the sales ads and finally, this week, I just happened upon a super sweet deal!!!

Remember Asa on the treadmill at therapy......

Now he can do the same work at home!!!!!

YAY! He really likes it too. He walked for 5 minutes on Friday and then again this morning. He wanted to keep going this morning but we had things to do!! Can you believe it! I have visions of him walking on his own one day! Oh, and it is good for the rest of us too! And to top it all off, it was a return from Sears and more than 60% off!!! Seriously sweet deal!!

I really have been pouring over the ads because I wanted to be able exercise but with Asa's numerous sensitivities it makes it nearly impossible to just get up and go. We debated about a treadmill or elliptical and personally I wanted an elliptical. But I had a little bit of hope that the gait trainer would fit on the treadmill. And guess what it does! BTW, no need to worry....Barry was holding the gait trainer while I was snapping pictures! Usually I sit behind Asa and help him remember it is "step, step, step" not push or just hang!

The whole theory behind Asa walking on the treadmill is a fairly new therapy. There is proof that the muscle has memories. So if his muscles are "trained" to take steps then when he gets stronger, his muscles will have those memories. This is so exciting for me! I know it seems silly but I can't help it!!

And since I mentioned Asa's sensitivities.....we took Asa to Gracie's basketball tournament today. This was his first time at a basketball game. We swapped around going to the game and staying home keeping Asa because it is so loud and the whistle and the buzzer....not a place he'd usually like. But he proved me wrong today! He did great!!! My Daddy took him out once and Moma again but for the most part he was great!! He even scooted for a minute. I bet he could really book it on that floor if we let him go!

And later we drove through a car wash. Again, loud, unpredictable, bumpy....but he did good. He got a little bothered but didn't get sick. In fact, he hasn't had to be drained at all today! First day in a while!

And Asa got his PT progress report this week. They used to call it a re-eval but now it is a progress report. I thought that made it sound cheerier but what if there is no progress or not much, despite lots of work. Either way, he was graded this week. His gross motor age is now 8 months! At first I was a little disappointed by this. After all, he has made great progress by getting mobile but once I thought about it, I would compare him to an 8 month old. So he is still very, very delayed and still moderately hypotonic but he has made progress. He isn't exactly catching up but still making ground. Inchstones maybe but hard earned inchstones!

And this last pic is just because!!! Asa may not eat but he loves him some McD's!!!! He played with this fry container and straw all afternoon!!! Gives me ideas for next Christmas!! :)

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Heidi said...

He-HE, love the last picture! Unfortunately for us, Jack is no longer satisfied with the garbage on the floor of our van! The new toy is awesome, he looks like he's having a lot of fun too :) Great pics--give that sweet boy a hug and kiss for me :)
Heidi & Jack.