Monday, February 22, 2010


Asa usually has a tough time after school. I don't know if it is the transition or what but he usually gets sick and clingy. And I don't really have time to baby him. I need to give the other kids attention after school. They are excited about their day and I have to deal with Asa's melt down instead of listen to them. Then there is homework to be done and supper to cook. Just not a lot of fun around here. Usually!

Things have been improving though. I started running the feed while we are in the car picking up the kids from school. Maybe having something on his tummy helps out. I try my best to get him to take a nap before so he isn't tired but sometimes that isn't successful! Still he has done pretty well last week and then today too. Of course that will likely change tomorrow! :) We don't get too comfortable around here!

Today we got in and Asa was so happy! He was scooting all over the place. Having a great time all on his own. Really, it was amazing!!! In between homework and supper I was so tired I couldn't keep my eyes open. Gracie was doing some extra writing practice and Asa was playing near her, so I laid over on the couch and closed my eyes. Maybe for 10 minutes! But I woke up to Cade telling me to come look....not usually a good thing! Asa had scooted from the kitchen into the living room, around the back of the couch, into the hallway and into Cade's room!! Then he pulled over Cade's trashcan and was playing with an empty soda can!! I can't believe he scooted that far! Or that he was that adventurous! His desire to explore and play is a good hasn't always been that way! Oh, and Anna said she was watching the whole thing so he wasn't unsupervised while I slept on the couch! And I wouldn't dare lay over if we were home alone! Just so ya know I'm not neglectful!! LOL

Tonight, Barry was rocking Asa to sleep and Asa started pointing at the side table. We were pretty sure he wanted Barry's glass of tea, he loves shaking the ice! But Barry didn't budge. So Asa pointed again and then pushed Barry's hand towards the table!! DUH, Daddy! Barry gave him the puke cup we keep there. Asa pushed Barry's hand and the cup away. Then he pointed and pushed Barry's hand again!! He is definitely getting good at being understood, words or not!!

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