Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Day!!!

Here are some pics of Asa yesterday at speech. He loves, loves, loves the clipboard!!

I emailed the GI about the reflux and Zantac. Haven't heard back. All emails become part of Asa's file so there is proof that we stopped the Nexium in Nov. and it didn't work. Plus my account of this time.

Overall he did OK today. He got sick 2 times but not puking. You can just tell it hurts him though. Not fun.

We played a new game on the treadmill too. I put a ball in front of Asa and as it rolled towards him he'd kick it and it'd roll right back to him!! He thought this was the funniest thing! We even set him up again tonight to show everybody else. In all he was on the treadmill for 10 mins. today!

And for the best news ever.....Asa had a record eating day!! I made him Cream of Wheat. Now I have to confess that I've never had this before. I love grit and oatmeal but Asa won't eat either of these. He did eat the Cream of Wheat though!! I mixed in some fruit babyfood. He tried it at all 3 feedings. In all he had 5oz!! I'm so excited about these 5ozs!! I'm mostly excited because he tried it each time! And each time he tired of it I gave him choc. cheerios and he gobbled them up!

And at this exact moment he is trying to stack corn on the cob cobs! I kid you not!! He is touching, playing but not eating corn on the cob!!! Talk about texture! I was eating mine and he kept reaching and whining. I can't believe he wanted to touch it. This boy is unpredictable!!

Oh and this morning he had just had a rough reflux moment and was very clingy. I finally was able to put him down and sneak away. Then I heard him scooting around. I looked and he was headed for Cade's room. I turned away and heard him scoot on in and shut the door behind him!!! He shut ME out! Too funny!! The only problem was that he stinkied and was sitting right behind the door. I couldn't get in!!! I tossed some toys in and away from the door. When he scooted for them I was able to open the door!! I better be careful how much freedom I give him!!!

So that was our happy day! I know I've been such a downer lately! It gets tough to watch him struggle so much. And then it affects the rest of the house!

And I've been asked several times how to comment on this site. If you look below this post, it'll give the time I updated and say "0 comments". You should be able to click on that and leave a comment. If you don't have a blogger account, just sign in as anonymous and leave your name with the comment. I still check the CB and I've tried to post some of the copied updates but it is soooo sloooow for me! I haven't even been able to leave comments for some of my favorite people on their CB. I still blame dial-up! :)

Hope you all have a great weekend!!


Cheryl and Bricen said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Day. Sounds like you and Asa both had a great day!!

Anonymous said...

So glad there are happy days, and funny moments for the Wilsons! Thanks also for info on how to "comment". Mrs. Margaret

Kim and Asa said...

Mrs. Margaret, you aren't the only one who had questions on how to comment! I'm glad you got it, I love to hear from you!! It makes me smile to read all the comments from everyone!


Christy said...

Great pics...Asa looks like such a big boy sitting there!

Your blog looks great and I am enjoying it...I'm thinking I like the blogs better than CB.

Thinkin' of and prayin' for you all!