Thursday, February 4, 2010


Asa has had his first mobile accident today! When we got home this afternoon I sat Asa in the floor and we all went out to get groceries in. Cade and Gracie had made it back in but Anna and I were still at the van. Suddenly we heard a thunk and then crying. Then Cade and Gracie talking and calling me. When we got in Asa had been scooting and pulled on something. He slipped and fell backwards, bumping his head! He was fine but all of the excitement made him get gaggy and pukey and tired.

Then tonight in the kitchen he did the same thing. I guess this is the beginning of many falls we will experience!

At PT today Asa used the Theratog suit again. Everyone comments on how much better Asa looks in it. Not just Asa's therapist but the other therapist in the gym. It is exciting to see them all so happy for him. Nancy had the booklet and she took some measurements to order his own set. There are a few options and she wants to be sure we have it all covered so she wants to ask the OT about it too.

If you can't tell, the suit is actually a back vest, front vest and then hip supports. It all velcros together and is very snug to give him a little support but mostly just pressure. There is also a part that velcros to each side from under the arm to the knee. And then the whole set includes ankle or wrist cuffs and straps. It is very involved but seems to help by giving him a little feed back when his body gets out of line. Asa tends to flop open so we get him into a more closed position and velcro the pieces together. The white tabs in the first pic are the pieces of velcro. Do you remember that Asa has an issue with velcro! He hates the sound!!! He has gotten better but let's just say by the time we are done with him, he'll be completely over it!!! :)

At feeding Asa seemed interested but he is just so hesitant. I asked if I could try to feed him the babyfood. He let me give it to him but if Beth tried, he refused! He had a few bites of oatmeal (a first!) and some babyfood. I asked how therapy got turned into me forcing him to eat while the therapist was the good guy playing with him!! I'm only kidding. It really went well and I'm looking forward to trying more oatmeal tomorrow!!

I also had a chat with another therapist today about mito. She has some biology background and is gonna look up any info she might have. She was hesitant in asking about his diagnosis. I told her I could talk to a brick wall!!!

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