Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another day!

Asa was so happy this morning! I thought the Zantac must be working. I was wrong!!

At PT they wanted to shoot a short video of a child using some of the equipment that was bought with funds from last year's fundraiser. They thought Asa's therapy would work out well. I said it'd be fine with me but there was no telling what Asa would have in mind!! Well, shooting a video wasn't on his agenda!! LOL! He did Ok but he was grouchy and sensitive. He has done much better the last few therapies and I was hoping he'd shine today. It will only be a 2 minute long clip on a news interview so I'm sure he showed them enough but last week he was on fire!!

And at speech later....well, let's just say his therapist let him take a treat home with him! When we tried to take it away he'd just scream!! Here's the story....

He loves his home teachers clip board! I've tried to get him other clip boards but he has no interest in them!! JoBeth's is hot pink and has a storage area under the clip board. Seriously, this is what we lure Asa with sometimes, a pink clipboard!! So at speech I start telling how much he loves this clip board and Beth pulls out a red one she has and doesn't use. You'd have thought it was a million dollars to Asa!! It had paper in it and she got him some, he was in heaven! And really, if we just tried to move it he'd start screaming! Thankfully she let us have it! YAY!!

So I get the idea that an office store might have a small version that would be perfect for Asa. You know, something more his size! So we stop at the store. I get out the small stroller. I take the clipboard from Asa. He loudly lets me know that isn't in his plans!!! We run in the store, him screaming, nothing distracting him, and look for a small one! Guess what...they don't have them. Maybe there isn't such a thing, I don't know! We were in there just a few minutes and Asa's screamed and kicked his feet the whole time!!! I got him back to the car, in his seat and gave him the clipboard and he was fine!!! How (and why) does he love these so much!! My silly boy!

Oh and while at speech, he put the marker in his mouth! That's right, even though we beg him to eat in there each week, he won't! This week his decides to try a taste of marker. And we kinda let him!! Just a little. Just cause we want him to be oral. And they are non-toxic. The box says so! And it was a yellow one so when he drooled it back out, it was *that* noticeable!

Then he got sick at school. And it had nothing to do with the marker. Just when the feeds were going he started getting sick so I turned them off and plugged up a farrell bag. I hate this reflux. I started feeds when we got home and I could hold him and he could doze. He got sick after that too! I hate reflux. Did I say that already?!!

I had a meeting tonight at Cade's school. They are getting ready for state testing and really pushing the kids. They wanted to inform the parents and give us some tips. Guess how many parents came......2! Yep, 2 parents in all of the 3rd and 4th grades! And the meeting was very, very informative. Plus we won a scientific calculator for the kids! One of the tips was to do some extra work on the weekends and over spring break! HA! I feel like I'm drowning already! I know it is important and we'll try but I can't imagine putting in extra time while getting ready in the mornings or on the drive in the car! Maybe most peoples mornings are so they can run vocabulary but not here!! And car rides....this afternoon Cade held the puke cup under Asa all the way home. And, by the way, Cade is a squimish as Anna (and me)! I can barely juggle the balls I have in the air now! Thankfully, Cade is doing OK. All the kids make good grades. True, they could always do better though!

Juggle, Juggle!


Cheryl and Bricen said...

Reading Asa threw a fit over a clip board has me laughing out loud...the things these little ones love. With Bricen, it was a blow dryer; for months he wanted to carry it every where he went.

Kim and Asa said...

And he loves his feeding tube extensions too. His PT came to find us in speech because Asa had left his toy tube in the PT gym! It can be scary to see him flinging it around and have to double check to see if it is play one or one that should be hooked up!!

So Bricen can bring his hair dryer and Asa will bring his clipboard and tubes! They'll have a blast!