Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why inchstones?

Have I explained the meaning behind our blog name?

A child's early life is usually measured in milestones. Babbling, cooing, eating solids, sitting, crawling, walking, teething, talking, sharing, potty training....the list could go on forever. If you have kids I'm sure you have a nice little book that has the dates of when your little one accomplished these skills.

It is also I check list for the doctors. It helps them (and you, if you are honest) know when things aren't going as planned. But what happens if your child doesn't hit these milestones. What if at 2 months there is no head control or eye contact. Or at 4 months they still don't hold a rattle or smile. Or at 6 months is no where near rolling over. Or 9 months won't eat a bottle, much less solids. Or at 1 they are just checking off the 2 month skill of head control. Or if at 18 months, just getting the groove of sitting alone. Or if you never hear a babble, coo or "moma". That, my friends, is the land of developmental delay. That is our world.

And to stare into the face of sweet kids who just aren't hitting those milestone can be depressing and worrying. You can obsess about whether or not you'll ever see those milestones come to pass. The baby book would be empty, no dates to fill in. Just empty space. Blank spaces just driving you crazy! Not that I speak from experience or anything!!

So you start to look closer. And you realize that your little one isn't sitting up but he has finally gotten head control. And maybe you still don't hear "moma" or even "mamamama" but he looks your direction when the word is mentioned. And later on he can sign "moma"! And sure he may not be walking, and yes, he is nearly 2 1/2, but he is a bottom scooting wonder!! Those are inchstones!! Not listed in any baby book. Not on any pediatricians check list. Not talked about in the aisles of Target with other new momas. In fact, they are barely noticed in the "real" world. Overlooked, unimportant, not noticed!! BUT NOT HERE!!!

Here, they are recongized, celebrated, videoed, photographed, talked about, blogged about, Facebooked about!!!! We all get so excited here! When Asa started scooting, we'd all sit around on the kitchen floor trying to get him scoot. When he started waving bye,we'd leave a room just to watch him wave. When it seems he is on the verge of an inchstone, the conversation stops and waits. Why not celebrate these inchstones? It is just so obvious with Asa but we should have this attitude with all things. The simple things are sometimes the most beautiful.

My online friend, Janis, also celebrates inchstones. Check out her blog from today. There are lots of us who celebrate the inchstones. I'm so thankful these awesome momas pulled me out of the world of missed milestones and into the world of celebrating inchstones!!!


m_clement said...

Inchstones are also our friends here in this family! Very well said. Much love to you all!

Meghan and Eric

Cheryl and Bricen said...

Loved today's's the true. Bricen just learned to count to ten and I can't wait to video it and share it with the world. So what that's he's well over 3 years old? It's a HUGE step for him (and us).
Asa is making progress and those inchstones are SO worth the wait...and somehow sweeter BECAUSE of the wait.

Debbie said...


Have gotten it and loved the title from day 1...

Prayn one day we will inch toward an inchstone!