Saturday, February 27, 2010


Gracie's basketball team came in first place in the tournament. Now I should mention that it is a church league with only 4 teams, not the Olympics! But their team didn't win a single game until the last one. Then they won both tournament games!!

It was hard fought too. The other team would lead by 2. Then we'd get ahead. Then it'd be tied. It went into a 3 min. overtime. Then, with 3 seconds left, there was a mix up and the game was stopped. The clock was reset and the other team threw the ball back in. ACK, the nerves! They threw a shot up but missed and Gracie's team won by 2 points!!! I was hoarse from cheering!!

And Cade decided to play baseball. I hope this is a good thing!! I'm not gonna spend the whole season forcing him to go to practice. I think he was holding out for us to bribe him. He needed a new glove and batting helmet. We set a limit and I think he was waiting for us to get him the "good" stuff before he signed up. Well, we won that battle! Several people told us today that they were sad when they heard Cade wasn't playing! I think it made him feel proud to know people wanted him to play! Anna actually gave him a pep talk, encouraging him to play! And she HATES the ball field. I was very proud of her for putting her own interest aside and being an encourager!

We came home and Gracie tried on her old cleats. She came out of her room with only one on. I asked if they fit, did she need new cleats. Her response.....I only need one, I found this one! LOL!!! Then she tried on Cade's old pair. Again she could only find one, and it was the same foot! We tried to tell her to wear one pink, low one and one black, high one! She didn't think that was a good idea!!

I'm so excited for baseball to start back up! I know, I'll be regretting that in a few short weeks. If Asa could handle the basketball game, I'm hoping he can handle the baseball this year! I saw a neat umbrella thing at Dick's today. It looked like a huge umbrella or half a tent. It said it just popped up and then you were shaded and comfy! Of course it cost $70!!! I'm getting ready to google and see if I can find a better deal!!

Asa had one reflux episode. Well, I'm guessing that is what happened. He was with Anna and we were watching Gracie's game but best I could tell it was reflux related. And he was tired! He didn't eat the Cream of Wheat this morning. He did eat cheerios though. And he fussed when we started the pump in the car until Barry opened the container of cheerios. Maybe he wants to be more oral but doesn't like the choices! Anyway, today was the best tummy day we've had in a while!!

And this is your last chance to sign up for the Mito What? 5K and be guaranteed a shirt and goodie bag!! It is gonna be awesome!!! It is in Millington TN on March 27th!! Almost 250 have signed up!!!

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Love the toothless grin! WTG!!