Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl!!

Barry loves football. No, he LOVES football! In another life, before kids, he watched nearly every. single. game of the season. Now he doesn't get to watch that many. There were a few Sunday's here that football wasn't even on the TV this season, only a few though. I forced Barry to wear this shirt and glasses! I say the dorkier the better! It takes the right attitude to really enjoy a party!!!

I like football. Sort of. I like the highlights. I like the final score. I like the replays. But mostly I'm good if I follow our team....the Titans. That is enough for me!

So this year for the Super Bowl we got invited to a Super Bowl party. Well, party might be an overstatement. It was just us and the hosts. But don't worry we had plenty of food!!! And a huge HD!!! Really, Barry was in hog heaven. And I had a pretty awesome time too!

We partied it up with a family who has kids the same age some of ours. They've also been around the block with a SN child. They've been doing all of this for a lot longer than us! I feel like I learned so much and it wasn't about football! I hope I was not too noisy and asking too many questions. I don't think I was but I like to talk....a lot!!!

The kids had a great time too. The youngest was chasing Gracie around the table asking for one hug!! I tried to tell her sometimes it is best to just give a little hug....they'll stop asking!!! She didn't listen. Maybe she liked being chased! They decided that Gracie could go back on Sat. and Cade on Sunday! I think we can say they both had a good time!!!

Oh and the Saints won the game! First time they've been to the Super Bowl and then they win!!! WOW!!! They've had a rough road! I'm glad they get to celebrate!!!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! You got Barry to wear the glasses : )


-- Christine