Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Reflux woes!

As predicted, the Nexium wean forced on Asa by the insurance company isn't going so well! He woke up last night. Then this morning he was puking. And PT was a bust! He was hurting again tonight and didn't want his bottle. We let him go to bed without it. There really is no point in forcing it in when he is so bothered already!

The GI called in some Zantac but it treats differently than the Nexium so I don't expect it to cut all the acid. Plus that stuff tastes awful! I just put it straight into the tube and avoided the mouth all together. It is really funny because Asa usually takes his medicine with ease! He won't open his mouth for a spoon but start at him with a syringe and he opens right up!

And I have a new definition for self-feeding! Asa will take an extension tube and put the end up to his tummy. I really think he is trying to plug himself up!! This afternoon Anna was trying to plug him up and he was resisting. He fights only because he wants the tube!! But she didn't want to touch it anyway so she was pretty jumpy! Anyway, she didn't twist the tube to lock it onto the button and Asa pulled it right off, making the Pedisure go flying on Anna! I was laughing so hard!! I'm trying to train someone else to use this stuff so I'm not the only one who can hook and unhook him! At this rate though, Asa might get it before Anna!! I can't say much because I used to be just a squimish as she is, maybe more so!!!

As I said, Asa didn't participate in PT much today. His PT suggested someone from the ins. company try to keep him while he was on this wean!! But, she called back this afternoon to see if Asa could participate in a short video at the center tomorrow! There is a fundraiser coming up and last years funds where used to purchase the equipment for letting the kids walk on the treadmill!! I told her I was fine with it but Asa might have other ideas!! He was very vocal in the PT gym today! Hopefully he is feeling better tomorrow and they'll get good video!

Asa was pretty opinionated all day today! We went in Target to get the new med. I put him in his Kimba because he was having a hard time. When we came out there was a buggy right beside the van. Asa loves, no....LOVES, buggies. He reaches out to grab other people's buggy when we pass. So he is pitching this fit while I try to get him in his seat. I told him he couldn't have that buggy but when we stopped again he could ride in the buggy. Of course, I used simple words but you get the idea! He totally calmed down!! So I said, "Do you want to ride in a buggy?" and he went "ah-ha"! Is that a word? It was kinda like a sigh but there was a definite "uh-ha" sound!! I really, really think he understood me! And yes, I let him ride in the buggy at the next stop!

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m_clement said...

Hello Kim and Asa.
I am sorry to hear that the Nexium wean is not going well. I think it is so unfair that insurance companies can make the decision for you that something else might work. I liked the suggestion from PT to have someone from insurance take care of Asa while not on the Nexium. I hope you guys can find a good solution to this problem. Have you ever discussed a fundoplication with GI? I KNOW it is very invasive and scary, but it was honestly one of the best things we could have done for Eric. I don't know how you would feel about it though. It is so great that Asa is going to be a "movie star" for the Rehab center. I hope you can get your hands on a copy and post a link so we can all see it! Many blessings and prayers are being sent your way!

Eric and Meghan