Sunday, February 28, 2010


The thing about reporting inchestones is that they seem so tiny. So unimportant. If you aren't in the moment, they seem to disappear into the day. You blink and you miss them!

Inchstones for today:

1.) Asa tried a new kind of cookie today. It was a little butter cookie with a hole in the middle. I wasn't sure he'd even touch it but he picked it up and put it on his finger like a ring!! I ate one (to show him what it is for, duh!) and then gave him a bite of mine. Once he realized it was food, he put his right in his mouth! Let me tell you, it was messy! I don't know whose idea this was!! In the end he gummed on 2 cookies!!! Then took a bath! :)

2.) Asa tried ketchup! I put ketchup and mustard in a ziplock bag and let him poke and play. After he was into that I put ketchup on his tray. It took a minute but he got down and dirty!! He was smearing it on his face and chest so I took that as a sign that he might accept it in his mouth! I took his hand and put his fingers in his mouth. At first he smacked and made horrible faces. After a few times he was more accepting and acted like he really wanted it. Unfortunately he never put his fingers in his mouth on his own! That would have been a home run!!! Still, I'm pretty darn happy that he touched and tasted!!

3.) We've been hearing lots of sounds from Asa. Usually he just squeals, screams or cries. We are constantly making word sounds with him. "B-b-b-b-ball" or "M-m-m-m-m-moma". The list goes on and on! I must sound crazy when we are in public but this is what we do! The last few days we have heard some "mamama" or other constant sounds from him. It is not words or even the same sound but it is something. We used to hear "nanana" and "mamam" and even "bababa" but at some point those went away. Now we are hopeful they might be coming back!! They aren't here yet, but I'll keep babbling along!!

4.) Asa is entertaining himself for 30 min. at a time....sometimes! He will happily scoot around and open and shut doors. Or play with paper. Or play in the fridge. I know, these are the normal baby toys but it works for him so it works for us!!

5.) Asa has socialized with all of his siblings this weekend! He played with Anna while she ate some EasyMac....he wanted the container not the food, she tried! He laughed and laughed while playing ball with Cade! Gracie entertained him when she roller bladed around the kitchen. He gets such a kick out of them all! They make him laugh, he makes them laugh, we all laugh!!

6.) He didn't poop in the tub this morning! YAY!

So that is our inchstones for today! Pretty impressive day, I'd say!!


Rose said...

I love the concept of celebrating inchstones. Way to go Asa!

Cheryl and Bricen said...

I loved seeing his cute little MESSY face!!!! Great day worth of inchstones.