Monday, March 1, 2010

Not our normal Monday!

Usually, Mondays are pretty slow around here. There is no therapy. There are no appointments. Usually, Barry goes to work and the kids go to school. Then Asa and I have a quiet day to ourselves. I have to confess that it is hard to go from caring for 1 non-verbal child to a weekend full of chatty, busy kids and hubby. In truth, Asa is much more manageable than the whole brood of them! Usually, Mondays are pretty easy!


Today, however, was different. Asa was up when I got up. Anna had gotten him up before I got out of bed. It is always dangerous to let him get a jump start on you! He was kinda a mess but we managed to get everyone out the door and off to school. I even remembered Gracie's lunch money....but forgot the picture money! Anyway, my morning routine was way off today. Thankfully, Asa went down for a morning nap and I found a nice peaceful late morning.

During this time I made phone calls. One call was for Cade an eye exam! Turns out it has been 1 1/2 years since he had his eyes checked. He was having headaches and complaining things were fuzzy. The doctor could get us in today at 1pm. So after Asa's nap we hopped in the van and made the pick up rounds and went to the eye appt.

Cade has talked about contacts for a while. I was hesitant but the doctor was actually on board. So after his exam (he went from needing a +2 to +3!!) they put in a set of contacts. It all seemed fine. Cade was beaming ear to ear! He looked pretty darn handsome too!

Then they showed us to an area and Cade had to take one out and get it back in!!! Oh, dear! He got it out with little trouble. But back in was another story!!!! He tried, I tried, we tried together! It took a good 30 mins and some sore eyes but it was back in!! The staff was unfazed by our struggle and happily took my money and kicked us out with instructions to come back in a week. I was hoping they'd pity my struggle and forbid him to leave with them, but NO! An elderly couple from the waiting room was encouraging him and when we left a younger guy was giving him some tips! I wanted to scream "this isn't a gooooood idea" but I kept my mouth shut and we'll give it a week (or a day, at least!).

Cade was a happy little clam. We (I) took them out early this evening and we (I) put some eye drops in his eyes to help calm those red eyes down. He wanted to know why he couldn't just leave them in all the time! HA! His tune is changing but I think he'll be fine once we (I) get a routine going!

Asa, Anna and Gracie were so good during this whole eye doctor process. Superstars, I tell ya!!! We were there a loooong time!

Between those contacts and putting a Nerf gun together, my nerves were shot. This isn't how my Monday is supposed to go!! Maybe Tuesday will be slower!! :)

Oh and Asa ate a cheerio off the floor!!! Yes, I'm bragging about it!! He scooted over to it, picked it up and put it in his mouth!!! Oh, and of course we only put it on the floor as a test for him. It certainly wasn't left over from this morning when he threw it off his highchair!!!

And during the whole eye exam and contact lesson, I was wishing I had my camera so I could take pictures and document for the blog!!! There is a problem when you see a blog post in life!! Still the pictures would have been awesome!!


Christina said...

Haha!! That is so funny that you mention seeing a blog post in life because I do it all the time!

Debbie said...

I love all the "inch-stones" so super-cool!
I too know about the relating life to posts....something happens, and I think the next post has written itself in that moment!!!!

p.s. he is such a cutie...and he puts a smile on my face!

Kim and Asa said...

Debbie, what happened to you at the Y was definitely post worthy!! It is amazing when God puts people in our path! Thank you for sharing!!