Thursday, March 11, 2010

Boy, that last post was pretty negative, huh?!! Somedays are just like that. I hate to see Asa in pain. I hate to have him puking. I hate to clean up puke. I hate to stop life to deal with puke. It doesn't take much to imagine that all this puking for the last 2 years is one reason he hates food. He barely know stuff is supposed to go in that hole, it is usually coming out! After this streak I'm wondering about things we could do differently. We don't see the GI until May. I'm hoping things are on an upswing by then. If we saw then this month there is no telling what I'd be begging them to do for him!

I know puke is minor for so many people. Puke is just an annoying fly in the grand scheme of things for so many. But to me it reminds me that things aren't right. It reminds me that our lives are different, changed. For some reason, using the feeding tube at meal times is normal. I have no problem plugging him in to get a feeding while we eat. I have very little problem with him not eating. That is normal. That is fine. BUT, when the puke starts flying.....that isn't normal. Makes me think of progression. Not a fun thought. I pray this flare up is because the insurance took away his Nexium. Now that we have it back, I fully expect him to go back to normal....right?!

And in these 2 weeks he is eating even less than before. Maybe the dots don't connect but it seems odd. He had cream of wheat, mashed up beanie weanies, cream potatoes, bites of bread. Now zero, zilch, nada. Even the yogurt and applesauce don't pass the test! So here we go starting all over.

I have a plan though. How many times have I uttered those words?! We have had set backs before when Asa has gotten sick (or something) and his motility has stalled or stopped. So now we have the e-mycin and while I'm not using it day to day, I think it'll work when he has a slow down. And since we have the Nexium back on board the reflux shouldn't bother him. As long as we can keep those two things under control we stand a fighting chance, right? Surely we do!

He had a dose of Nexium last night and took 2, yes 2, bottles of Pedisure at bedtime! I thought he'd get sick but nope, he was fine!! Now if we can only continue that trend!!!

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