Sunday, March 28, 2010

The non-post post

I wasn't gonna post today. I don't have any pictures and I know as entertaining and witty as I am, you only come by for the pics!!

But then I've just felt so blessed today. When I just think about that crowd from the race yesterday, I feel blessed. And maybe now there is less "mito what?" and more "I've heard of that". And then all of that money to be sent for support and research. Wow, just WOW!

And ya'll don't even know the story of Angie and Cindy, the organizers. They didn't know the Culley family. They met them at another fundraiser done in September, during mito awareness week. They had no obligation to do this event. They chose to give of themselves! And they are busy ladies with jobs and families and hobbies. Yet they spent months and months making this dream a reality. And it was so organized and planned out. There are so many sponsors listed on this shirt I'm wearing that I don't know how the printer managed! These ladies wouldn't take "no" for an answer when they approached these businesses. You don't meet people so willing to give of themselves these days. Angie and Cindy, you ROCK!!

And then my mom and dad and Lacy and Danilyn driving over an hour at 7am on a Saturday to walk with us! I mean, even I had thoughts of sleeping in!! And Lacy gets an extra cookie for getting her sweet peanut up and out after Danilyn kept her up so late! How great is my family!! God has blessed us beyond measure!

And then tonight, oh, tonight!

Asa was clingy to me and I was sitting on the couch with him watching Extreme Home Makeover. Asa was laying on the couch with his head in my lap and I was rubbing his hair. I realized he was doing these new hand motions. He had his hands up over his head and was kind waving them. It kinda looked like the motion we play when we did Patty Cake. I tried and tried to get Asa to play but he never would go past the clap and we kinda quit playing a while ago. So tonight, with him laying in my lap, I said "patty cake, patty cake, baker's man bake me cake as fast as you can". And he started biggie, we knew he could do that. Then I added "roll it up, roll it up" and unexpectedly, he rolled it up!!! Just like I'd done so many times many months ago! Then I finished with "throw it in the pan" and he threw it! He threw it! He threw his arms in the air over his head!!! Just like he'd been doing when I first noticed!!

How crazy amazing is that?!!! Oh, there is so much in that simple game of patty cake! Do you see it?

He remembered a game we played for a long time and he couldn't do it!

He was playing the game on his own, in his head, before I ever started singing it!

He had the fine and gross motor skills, coordination and planning to play right along with my singing! There was a loooong time when he couldn't hold a simple rattle and raise his hands up. He still plays with toys with his feet because it is harder for him to get his hands and arms to cooperate.

Oh, such a simple game but such a WOW moment here! Who knows if he'll play again in the morning but it is back on the list of therapy play at home!!

And you know what tops it off....I posted on FB and had so many respond with cheers and "likes" that I was amazed again! Asa's cheerleaders ROCK!! I teased I was gonna start working on the Macarana next. Well, I was mostly teasing but if you see me being extra goofy and shaking my junk in my trunk then you'll know what is up!


Rose said...

It's amazing how much is wrapped up in a seemingly simple game of Patty Cake. Yay for Asa and the awesome day you had.

Cheryl and Bricen said...

It seems Asa is doing something new on a daily basis!!!!

Playing Patty Cake is huge, but to be doing it on his own....WOW! It just proves he's been absorbing SO much around him, but is only now able to physically show off his mad skills - keep it up Asa!!!!