Thursday, March 18, 2010

More pics, less talk!

I've been short on pics lately, right!  Well, get your fill tonight!!  These are just over the past week!

PT this week!


 Asa decided to tackle the steps this week!!  He was doing his usual walking and then veered left, towards the steps!!   He did well though and it became his new favorite therapy! He was great at up, going until his PT was tired, but down.....not so easy!!  He only did that a few times with any kind of proper form!

 Then, today, he thought he'd try out the wedge mat!!  A little harder since it gives a lot.  Oh, and he wanted to try the balance beam but it was a little too high for him to step up on!!!  What an adventurous boy!

He has been after this light in the van for a few months now!  He loves, loves, loves lights!  This one has been out of reach until today.  Not only did he reach it but he could push it and turn it off and on!

You  can see he is reaching up just as hard as he can to get it too!!  I know it looks like he is just reaching up and touching a light but for Asa this is sooooo hard.  The picture doesn't do it justice at all.  Tons of effort!!  And yes, his shirt is completely opened!  He gets so hot that I opened his shirt, opened van doors and window, 65 degree weather would  be enough to keep him cool while we waited on the 3 o'clock bell.  It wasn't, he was red and sick when we got ready to leave after getting Cade and Gracie from school.  Time to break out the cooling vest!!

Asa in the gait trainer on the deck wearing his pump backpack!  Such a big boy!  And the muscles on the shirt are fake.....just in case you were wondering!  :)

Asa's new PECS cards.  He gets to make choices, yes or no!  This is just the beginning my friends!  We have a great plan for him!!

Feeding therapy....not so great. Sensory therapy.....YAY!!! He played in the yogurt for a long time!

And I don't have pics but Asa started walking while you just hold his hands this week!!!  YAY!!  This was a long term (6 month) goal.  Well, the 6 months came and went and I wasn't disappointed cause I had my doubts about this goal!  This week though, Asa felt secure enough that when we'd just hold his hands, he'd keep on stepping!!  I don't think he made it the 5ft set in his goal but it is great progress!!!  He has felt so firm lately.  Usually we sit him down and his legs just collapse, ready to sit.  Lately though, he locks his knees and stays in standing.  It is an odd feeling to feel him stead and not so noddlely.  As my mom pointed out today, why are we so amazed by this.  Hasn't this been our prayer for so long.  Why are we surprised when it starts happening!  Woooo Hooooo!!!


Cheryl and Bricen said...

All the things Asa has accomplished in the post are fantastic, but walking while holding your hands...that's a whole different level of excitment!!!!
WTG Asa!!

Kim and Asa said...

Cheryl, I thought I'd add that in at the bottom of all the know, see who was paying attention! ;)

I can't say it is a consistent skill but it is progress!! We are on our way!