Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Today was a doozy!

I let Asa sleep in this morning! I assumed he needed the extra rest. He had a big day on Tuesday and woke some during the night. So I let Asa sleep in this morning! Not gonna do that again! How many times have I said that?! I'll learn one day!

Sleeping in threw his feeds off. Because his feeds were off, his meds were off. These things aren't good to be off! Maybe he would have had an off day anyway but I feel responsible for it since I let things go.

We just don't have the luxury of getting up whenever we want to. Or eating whenever we want to. We need a routine, a schedule! Sure we have a little leeway but it is much smaller than I originally thought!

I keep thinking about school. I know, it is 6 months away but so many little ones have started recently that I can't help but wonder. What will happen if their schedule doesn't work with Asa's schedule? Asa's will have to change, I get that but it isn't as it seems!

And speaking of schedules, April is another GO month for appointments! We have 2 at Vandy next Friday and a hearing test on the 21st. We had a GI appt but I got a letter today saying that it had been moved to May and it was with a new doctor! Our GI is leaving Vandy. And they are closing the clinic they came to here at home! So now we get a new GI and have to travel again. I really, really loved that our GI came here once a month. Oh, well! Gotta roll with the changes!

It wasn't a total loss today though! Asa started riding his little car his OT let him use! He knew how to push the button and make it go but when he did this there was a jerk and noise and a lurch. He wasn't crazy about this. He'd do it once and then when I'd say "push the button" he'd just tap the button, not really wanting to push it.

Today I put him away from the back door, which he LOVES, and he had to push the button and make the car drive to the door! He did this 2 times!! If he'd get used to the jump and noise, he'd really love the freedom this Power Wheel gives him!! He could ride without anyone bugging him!!

Oh and he did some walking with me only holding him with the Walking Wings! This really makes him work on his own! Lots of hard work!!

Tomorrow he'll be up and on the pump at 8am SHARP!! Trust me!!

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Christy said...

I know how you feel about sending them off to school in 6 months..I do worry about all the medical issues and schedules, and things that are unique to Luke; plus I have always homeschooled and now I will be sending my baby off to, it's alot to take in!

Love that he likes his riding toy...sounds way cool.

What are walking wings? Never heard of those.

Hugs to all!!