Thursday, March 25, 2010

Milestone, baby!!!

Forget inchstone, we've got ourselves a bona-fide milestone!!  At feeding therapy today, Asa drank a juice box from a straw!!!  Yes, he drank from a straw!!!  The fact that he drank at all is amazing!  But a straw?!!!

His therapist started out offering the juice box.  He finally let her get near his mouth and she squirted some juice in.  Then he closed his mouth around the straw.  Then he started sucking and swallowing on his own!!

In a whispered voice I asked, "Is HE doing that?".  Jill whispered back, "Yes!".  Then we both went defcon silent!!  And our eyes filled with tears, the room became brighter, I heard some angelic singing!  Seriously, it was a sweet moment!!!  Jill has been working with Asa for 2 years now.  Her original goal was to help us avoid the tube.  Yeah, that didn't happen and Asa usually gives her a hard time.  She came back from maternity leave just last week.  We think this was Asa's welcome back gift for her!!

We tried the juice again and he refused until she got him his very own straw.  Then he held it out to me while he sucked on his juice box again!!  He even drank from a juice box at home tonight.  That I have pictures for.....

We also bought a new toy today.  I've wanted this since I saw it back a few months ago.  Then yesterday, when I couldn't get Asa out of the sun and heat, I decided we'd use this alot.  I was so very happy to see it was marked down $20 when I went to the store to get it today.  You won't miss us at the ball field!  And for a Smarties sucker we'll let you sit in our shade with us!  :)   It is 7ft. wide so it should hold a bunch of us, or one of us who decides to scoot all around!  When I opened it up in the house to try it out, Barry said I just brought all kind of bad luck on us!  The thing is huge!

Barry was just jealous cause this is what he was using while he grilled out in the rain and hail!  LOL!

And while Cade was doing his homework today, Asa scooted over to him and started trying to play.  First, he put a toy on Cade's chair and Cade would knock it down.  Asa thought this was great and kept putting the toy up there.  Then he started pulling on Cade's arm like he wanted him in the floor with him!  Cade finally asked me to move Asa cause he was distracting him!  HA!!  This really did go on for the whole time Cade was doing his work.  Asa sat under him trying to get his attention!


Debbie said...

LOVE it...big moment, HUGE milestone!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Asa and his MILESTONE!!! Drinking a juice box through a straw!!! And I really enjoy all of the pictures! Our God is able to "do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory..."! (Eph.3:20-21a)Your family is so great to all work together so beautifully and share so much love with each other. Keep on keeping on! Love, Mrs. Margaret

Christy said...

Oh wow, that brought tears to my eyes too! Way to go, Asa!

I love the umbrella that is really cool!

Christina said...

Wow!!! How exciting! I think Amelia was older than Asa when she finally figured out a straw. I actually don't remember how old she was but I do remember it took her forever to figure it out. Oh and that picture of Asa and Cade almost made me cry. It is so stinkin' sweet!!! You can totally see just how crazy Asa is about his big brother. Love it!