Monday, March 8, 2010

YEC 2010

I don't know if YEC is a Tennessee thing or if lots of you know about it. YEC stands for Youth Evangelism Conference. It is a weekend of music, messages, skits, laughter, praise, worship....all for the glory of God. Sure it is geared for youth but thankfully those youth need adults to go with them!! Maybe I'm just a youth at heart but I feel so blessed to have gone on this trip!!

So some of my brief notes from the messages we heard!

1.) God is a loving God but He will not chase after us. He will not compromise His expectations in order to draw us to Him. Luke 18:18 tells the story of the rich man. When told to give his riches away and follow Jesus, he refuses and chose wealth over Christ. Jesus didn't let the man have a pass on this issue just to have him as a follower. What do we need to give up for Christ?

2.) God is good but He isn't always safe. He will ask us to step outside our comfort zone and challenge our desires in order to follow Him (see the above).

3.) Holiness isn't what we separate ourselves from but what we give our lives to. It doesn't just mean stepping back from a place but stepping towards God's will.

4.) Wet sponges left sitting on the counter will stink!! So will Christians who soak it all up but never ring out God's blessings and message on others! If we don't spill over and soak those around us, we will end up soggy and stinky!!

5.) If you give teenagers an inch of rope, they'll take a mile......and use it to tie themselves up around their ankles!! No, we didn't tie any kids up but rope might be added to the packing list next year! :)

Amazing music, amazing messages, amazing worship!! There was a great presentation by Joe Costillo, a sand artist. You have to see what he does....there is no explanation! We saw "The Passion" and "The Prodigal". Let me know what you think!!!


On the home front....all went well! I had no doubt it would! Judy kept Asa Friday afternoon and handled the pump well. Then Moma had him while Barry took Cade and Gracie for ball tryouts on Sat. She handled the pump too, mostly!! She did let him talk her out of one feeding though! And when I say "talk her out of a feeding" I'm using those words loosely. Asa doesn't talk so he pushed her hands away and fussed and she backed off. He told her he'd take a cup but then he wouldn't! See, even without words, he can "say" alot!! I can't be too hard on her though because on Sunday he was taking a nap and instead of waking him up for the pump, I took a nap too! :O! He was sick later that night so I know a schedule works best for him but sometimes it is hard to remember that in the moment!! And Moma promised she wouldn't let him talk her into that again!!

And on Sat. Asa called 911 and a sheriffs deputy came to the house!!! Asa loves the phone and apparently had called them and left the phone off the hook. We usually unplug the phone from the wall before we give it to him but I guess this time he made a connection! The sheriff said it wasn't a problem. I bet Barry was so embarrassed!! I think I would have taken a picture of Asa will the deputy and called another inchstone!!! None of the other kids have ever done this!!! Not that I'll encourage him or let him do it again but it is kinda great!! :)

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Anonymous said...

Now, in my (Kim's Mom) defense, Asa didn't want me to hook him up to the tube Saturday and it WAS a BEAUTIFUL day outside. So...I thought he would like a picnic in the rocker on the front porch. He took about 1/2 of his Pediasure as we watched the birds, the flag waving and the few trucks go by. When he wouldn't finish, I knew I was in trouble! I did promise to go by the rules next time if they will just give me another chance. (I'm not too worried about the another chance thing...I'm only down the road and such a convenient babysitter!)