Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lessons learned today....

I learned a few things today!

1.)  Asa likes the thought of outside more than he likes the outside!   He'll sit at the doors, opening and closing them but once you take him out, he wants back in!  Seems the wind, sounds, grass, sun are all a little too stimulating for him.

2.)  He prefers the feel of grass over the concrete walkway.  I had him in a little sunshade tent that had been Gracie's.  He scooted out of it and sat in the grass for a while.  But he didn't want to sit on the concrete walk unless he was in the tent.  I'd have thought he'd like the rougher texture more than the grass.

3.)  Speaking of grass....he ate grass!  Really, the kid who refuses pudding actually picked up and put a piece of clover in his mouth!  I realized he was making a face but I thought it was because he'd just gotten into the grass and it was still damp.  Only several minutes later I saw some green in his mouth and pulled out clover!!   I have enjoyed him not being oral and rarely putting stuff in his mouth.  Guess I'll have to watch more carefully!

4.)  Asa can push the car to go but seems to be happier just sitting in it.  Hopefully that will change and he'll explore his world.

5.) 70 degrees is when the cooling vest needs to come out of storage!

6.)  Boys who play outside need baths!!!

The Mito What? 5K is on Saturday!!!  I can't wait!!!  It isn't too late to register.  You can register the morning of the walk for $25.  It looks like the weather is going to be great.  There are nearly 400 people signed up.  Plus tons of sponsors.  I can't wait to give you the totals!!  It's gonna knock your socks off!!

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