Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Today started off rocky too. I know this stuff is minor for many, many families but I can't stress how routine we are here. How routine I am! The only way I remember my schedule is because I do the same thing day after day. Mess that up and who knows where I'll end up! I pretty much just operate on autopilot! And this is day 3 were little things have thrown me off!

So last night Asa was up from 12-2:30! He wasn't sick, just up. He has been drooly so I thought it might be his teeth and I gave him Motrin. My grandmother asked if he could have had a nightmare. I don't know, do 2 year olds have nightmares. I've never really thought of that. I know Gracie has vivid dreams!! You'll never convince her that a cat didn't jump out of a tree an scratch her, even though she had no scratches! And this morning she got up looking in bags and on stuff for a ball glove she dreamed her daddy bought her. Very vivid for her!!

Anyway, it is kinda sweet when all he wants is you! He just kept putting my hands on him and on his face. Really, really sweet. He has a thing for hands, you know!

So I was dragging this morning and tried to get Cade's brand new contacts in. Not so much!! After 30 mins. he went to school in his old glasses. Even after school we couldn't get them. We tried everything. I finally put his contacts in my eyes to see if there was a trick. I even had trouble with my eyes! Finally, finally I got them in my eye and I thought I had it figured out. When I moved on to him, it did go a little smoother and he has them in now. Problem is he doesn't want to take them back out!

And he got in trouble for being too rough while wrestling with Gracie. When he found out his punishment was that he had to go to bed early, he started saying that I poke him in the eye over and over and I don't have to go to bed early!!! HA!! Clearly this is deranged talk!! I would have stopped "poking him in the eye" before we left the store with contacts!! And an early bedtime is a privilege, not punishment, for me!

So after our late night, slow start and contact fun this morning before 7am, I was looking forward to some breathing time before therapy. Unfortunately this didn't happen because Cade left something in the van that he was supposed to give to a teacher for me this morning! So when I was hoping to close my eyes for a few minutes, I was quickly getting the pump ready, gather my stuff for the day, throwing clothes on me and Asa and dashing out the door. All was fine but by 10am I felt like I'd run a marathon!!

The rest of the day went easy peasy though. Except for when the wind took Asa's breath and he started loosing it. Gaggy, sweaty, limp, sleepy. It all turned out Ok and really he is doing this less and less. All of that OT and sensory work must be paying off!

In OT today he played with cheetos. Well that was the plan. He did touch them a time or two!! At home however I got him to let me put it in his mouth. He still wasn't crazy about it and also made me put it down quickly. He wouldn't even touch it to throw it off the highchair. He made my hand go off the tray and then he shook my hand so I'd drop it. So funny. I bet there aren't many 2 year olds who won't jump at a cheeto!!

Stay tuned for tomorrow. Will this be day 4 for us or will our world turn smoothly tomorrow?! Aren't you just hanging onto the edge of your seat!!!

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Christy said...

you know, Luke does that all the time; just being up until odd hours. He's not fussy, just up!

Hugs to you!