Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kiss, please

Yep, check mark another inchstone off the list!

Asa OT recommended we teach Asa to "kiss" so that he can "kiss" food and textures. Asa will "love" by leaning into us when we ask. He even "loved" a puzzle piece when I said "love the puppy". I had no idea he'd do this but he did! But we've never asked for a kiss.

So today I was kissing everything....the spoon, the applesauce, the toy, the cup, the mailman (not really, just seeing if you were paying attention!). Asa picked up on this pretty quickly! His "kiss" is sticking his tongue out! Not really what I expected but it should be effective for therapy just the same.

At this very moment, he is "kissing" a plate. Anna asked for a kiss and he held the plate for her. She should have been more specific...she wanted a kiss from Asa not to kiss the plate!!

Really, being able to stick his tongue out will be handy. He has only gone through a few phases where he will stick his tongue out, usually teething. And he doesn't mimic clicking his tongue very often. And you use your tongue to eat and talk. Usually you teach kids to NOT stick their tongues out but we encourage it with Asa!!

And no, things didn't go off as planned today. Asa made a mess (all that needs to be said about that!) right as we should be leaving for PT! So I cancelled, he needed a bath and we'd have been way, way late!! I did enjoy not having to rush around though so it is all good. But tomorrow, tomorrow I'm giving myself plenty of extra time!!! Just in case, you know!

Oh, but we did get Cade's contacts in this morning. It was pretty easy!! He wore them all day too. He still had a headache this afternoon. He has decided it is from doing work! Yeah, not too sure how he'll get out of that one!


Christy said...

yay, Asa! So cute!

Cheryl and Bricen said...

How sweet....get a kiss for me!!!

m_clement said...

I'm so glad that Asa is giving kisses now! How exciting!