Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Top 10 kind of day

Today has to be one of the top 10 normal days we've ever had!  A normal top 10 day, not a day with a lot of celebration or hoopla.  Not like the day you got married or the birth of your children or the day you accepted Christ as your Savior.  But a normal, regular day!!  This has to be in the top ten.  Let me tell you why......

Exhibit A:
We are on day 2 of no puking!  No gagging.  No sweating.  No clingy.  No sickies.  No venting.  No draining.  That alone makes it a good day!  I could just stop there but I won't!!

Exhibit B:
We made it to OT this morning.  Last week Asa got sick (see the above reference) and we had to cancel.  Not today though!  And while Asa didn't actually eat any of the Chick-fil-A gravy, he did play in it!!  Did you know that as tasty as that stuff is, it can hold blocks together like concrete?!  Just sayin!  So Asa played in the gravy and stacked blocks!  And he signed "all done" when he was "all done".  And he screamed when he was  "ALL DONE"!  Seriously!

Exhibit C
Even though Asa didn't eat the gravy, he did eat new things today!  He had 1/2 container of yogurt at breakfast.  He had several pinches of my PB & J sandwich at lunch.....even signing "more" when we wanted more.  He tried refried bean at supper.  And a hard taco shell, which I only let him suck on for a second.  Plus about 4oz. of juice throughout the day. And multiple handfuls of chocolate cheerios.   He ate more today than he usually does in a whole week!!

Exhibit D:
Even after all the stuff in exhibit C, he didn't get sick....see exhibit A!!!  Totally worth mentioning again!

Exhibit E:
Asa did some good upper body work by laying on his stomach on Cade's skateboard and pushing himself backwards!!  He did a little forward but a lot of backwards!!  The main thing here is that he could keep his head up off the skateboard while he pushed off with his hands.  He hasn't had that kind of upper body strength, well, ever!  And he didn't freak out while he was doing this!!

And there are lots of little things, like tons of laughter and silliness.  Lots of dancing when I'd say the word "music".  Lots of scooting.  Cuddling with Cade in the recliner, making Cade one happy big brother!!  Chasing Anna around while she scooted and hid from Asa.  Scribbling in a notebook with Gracie!  It really doesn't take much to entertain us around here!!

So, I think all of these tiny things add up to one amazing, fun day!!  Maybe tomorrow will be even better!!!


m_clement said...

Way to go Asa! Sounds like a fabulous day! I hope the great things keep up!


Cheryl and Bricen said...

What a happy, uplifting post!!! Love hearing Asa is doing great.

Christy said...

what an awesome day! yay, Asa; I love hearing good reports!