Thursday, March 4, 2010


I feel so boring with these posts!

Asa had PT, no huge breakthrough but good. I still wait for that one therapy where he suddenly gets into sitting on his own or pulls up to stand. Not today though.

Then speech/feeding. Need we say more. He has no speech and doesn't eat. And lest you get the wrong idea, it isn't the therapist! They are wonderful!! It is this puzzle of Asa. His original SLP went on maternity leave and is due back next week. Our "sub" has been equally wonderful. She gave Asa a goodie bag today and I'm excited to see him get into the treats!! She also gave him some choc. cheerios! Does she know the way into his heart or what?!

Then I drove through and got me lunch. I was so tickled that Asa let me, no he wanted me to, feed him pieces of fries! And you have to wash fries down with dips of Dr. Pepper. I promise he didn't have much of either. Yet, 10 mins after the fry, Dr. Pepper, applesauce, Pedisure mix.....he puked! No, he explosively puked!! In the car seat! I got stopped and hooked a drain bag up ASAP but the damage was done! Not a fun cleanup!!

BUT, his spare outfit was a "Life Is Good" outfit with a sippy cup on it. It said "Half Full"!! God's little message to me?!?!

Went to the pharmacy. Ins. still denies Nexium. Should I send the puke bag dangling from the chair?!

After school, took the kids to Skate night for the school. Dropped them off and bought groceries since Sir Pukes-a-lot interrupted those plans today. Oh, Barry kept Asa tonight....he didn't go to the skating rink!

And at some point, before 10am tomorrow, I have to clean out the van and pack for YEC with our youth group!! Fun 2 days!!! Really, I'm looking forward to it!!

During that time I'm leaving it all in the very capable hands of Barry, Judy, and my mom!! Nothing to worry about at all!

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Thanks for checking in on our boring life!!


Christina said...


I think your life is anything but boring! Haha!!! I hope you have a wonderful time this weekend and come home feeling refreshed.

Heidi said... it ok that reading this made me smile?! sorry about all the puke, and your van.

I was just thinking about my life lastnight... after helping all the kids with their (often too difficult for me ) homework, making lunches, Jacks feed for school, then while I was mixing his "cocktail"...I found myself in a stare as I let the water fill up the clogged kitchen this it? day in, day in need of a real break here! pathetic.

So I disagree, nothing but boring but I totally get you girl! Sending you some real hugs and hoping the 2-day trip helps! LOVE and hugs to those beautful babies of yours-
Heidi & Jack.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like to me that God is still in control. He has provided this getaway with older children and will providing a good spiritual uplift! Always remember, you have many people praying for you and your family, especially Asa. Keep your chin up!
Love ya,

Cheryl and Bricen said...

Sometimes boring is good : )