Thursday, March 11, 2010

Naming a post is difficult!

This morning started off great GI wise. I tried some babyfood but Asa wasn't interested. He did take a bottle of Pedisure from a sippy cup though. We didn't use the pump until lunch. That is when things went south. I feed Asa after therapy on the way to the grocery store. The last 2 Thursdays he has gotten sick. I wonder if there is something to it or just a coincidence. I thought maybe the car seat is at a bad angle but he also gets pumped at 2:30 in the car. We do this feed at 12 instead of 11:30. Could that play a part? It is probably just random but it is odd.

So I had to go by the bank for the PTO and Asa was being drained into a Farrell bag to keep him from puking. I had 9 rolls of change. I begged them to take it at the drive thru window but they can't take change. I know it is a good rule but is there no room for exceptions? So I park, get Asa and his bag of stomach contents and the money and trek into the bank. And no I'm not hiding the bag of gross. I did consider putting it in the diaper bag and taking that in but that would be something else to try to keep on my arm. Holding a baggie was much easier. No one said anything and maybe they didn't notice but I was proud we made it in and back out without him puking on their pretty floors!! Would have served them right though! YUCK!

On the plus side for today.....Asa went up the stairs at PT! They have a little step and deck built for the kids to practice going up and down. Asa always walks to leave therapy while his PT uses a rolling stool to support him. He isn't bearing his weight but the steps are all him. Usually as he nears the end of the gym he makes a right turn, towards the exit door. Even if this is only a practice walk, he takes a right is ready to go. Today, however, he turned left! Directly towards the stairs and deck!!! And he didn't hesitate one second to go up those steps!!! He loved it up there! King of the hill! He didn't do so good going down. In fact, only once was it his idea to go down, he was perfectly happy to hang out up there all day! In all he went up 4 times and down on his own (his own decision) once! Who knew he could do stairs. And just the fact that he wanted to try something new is amazing. That is so not his personality!! I think he wore his PT out though!! :)

His speech therapist was back from maternity leave but he didn't give her a big welcome by eating. :( I was hoping he'd really show out! Instead he refused her pudding and puffs. Oh, well, there is always next week. We talked about his frustration level and his receptive language skills. She thinks he is ready to start using a communication device. At least look into one. Just a basic picture board or book to start with. I'm gonna take pictures of his favorite things and put them in a photo album for him to start with at home. I'm thinking the fridge (door open, of course), the dish washer, the ceiling light and phone are all good things to start with!! My silly boy!

Enough about that guy! Cade and Gracie both have their first ball practice tonight! I had a PTO meeting but I can't wait to hear all about it!!! I'm sure I'll be so sick of ball before it is over but it is so exciting right now!! Cade is moving up to kid pitch and Gracie to girl softball (coach pitch)! Lots of changes and adventures!


Christy said...

so much going on! I hear you about the bank...don't they KNOW how difficult things can be?!! lol

WTG Asa on the stairs! Woo hoo! Luke's PT has also talked about doing the same type of communication devices...wouldn't it be fun to sit our two boys down together sometime!!

Hugs to you!!

Kim and Asa said...

When I have Asa by myself I don't go many places that don't have a drive thru. Unless I'm gonna stay a while.....Walmart, Target. It is the in and out that kills me!

And I'd LOVE to get Asa and Luke together! If for nothing else so I could spend some time with Luke's amazing Moma!! Ya'll aren't headed South anytime soon are you! LOL!