Monday, March 15, 2010

Ding Dong Cake

We had lunch for my mom's birthday on Sunday.  Well, her birthday was March 6th but we didn't have the birthday lunch until Sunday.....does that make sense?!   Anyway she gave me a recipe for a cake she wanted and it was a breeze to make!  There are no pictures though because mine turned out UGLY!!  But it is the taste that matters, right!   In the end the cake should look like a huge Ding Dong snack cake!

Ding Dong Cake

Devils food cake.....cooked as directed and cooled

1 bar cream cheese
2 cups powdered sugar
8oz. cool whip
Blend cream cheese and powder sugar until smooth, then fold in cool whip.

Milk chocolate cake icing

Bake cake according to box directions.  Add the filling between the 2 layers.  Microwave the tub of icing for 30-45 seconds.  Stir well and pour over cake.  Keep cake cool.

That is it!  Really!!  Now I went wrong by not getting the filling smooth enough.  And there was so much filling that I tried to use it on top of the cake too but when I poured the icing over it, it kinda slid all around!  Not pretty but sooooo good!   So my makes a ton of filling so buy some fruit to dip into the extra filling!  Or just eat it with a spoon!  :)

My sweet Moma cooks lunch for 16 people each and every Sunday!!!  8 adults and 8 kids!  All at her house most any Sunday!!  And she cooks a huge, delicious meal.  No ham and cheese sandwiches here.....unless we've planned a picnic, which we've been know to do!  Yep, she makes a spread.  And we use real plates and cups!  I'm just saying, for our family of 6 we use paper an awful lot just so we don't have to wash!!

But on Sunday we cooked for her!  My sis in law made a great salad.  Here we do iceberg from a bag but not at Cindy's!  Super pretty and yummy!  It really is a restaurant worthy salad!!  And she also made homemade ice cream that doesn't need and ice cream freezer!  That and the cake were soooo goood!  But after making lunch for everyone, I don't know how my mom does it every week!

And on a total different subject....Asa didn't get sick one time today!  No puking, no venting, no draining!  Nothing!  Just a happy scooting boy!  Oh, and his scoot has changed!  He now kinda steps with his scoot.  He started out keeping both feet together folding in front of him.  Now he has them separated and will kind of step with his feet while he scoots!  It is pretty funny!

Gracie had ball practice tonight and I got to take her.  It was a lot of fun to see all of the girls running around! I never played soft ball (well I did play 2 years of church league but I only played so they'd have enough!) and  I can't wait for the season to start!

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Christy said...

ooh, that cake sounds so yummy! Sounds like you had a great day; glad that Asa did so well! I love family get togethers!