Thursday, April 1, 2010

A good day

Asa went to his first ball game of the season. Well, technically it was a scrimmage but it counts!!

Cade had a scrimmage and Gracie had practice so we all went off to the ball park! And it went wonderfully!! Asa seemed to love the people and didn't startle at the noise. It wasn't too windy or hot so that was perfect for him. This is so different from last year. He had a meltdown nearly everytime we tried the ball park last year. Now, I'm sure as the season gets going and it gets busier things will be different but tonight was wonderful!!

I also had an amazing run in with a stranger at Khol's today! Odd place to meet an angel but I'm almost convinced she was one! I ran in to look for Anna a shirt. I only had 20 minutes and it only took 3 minutes to decide I wasn't sure what she'd like so I moved on to the baby dept. As I was looking at stuff for Asa, an employee started up a conversation. "How old is he, what's his name, how'd you come up with that name", just the usual. But she didn't give the pre-recorded responses to my answers. "How old is he? He is 2 1/2. Is he running around everywhere?" or "What's his name. His name is Asa. Oh, that is neat, weird, unusual (take your pick). Thank you we like it." You know these conversations usually follow a pattern.

But not this conversation. Turns out she knew the meaning of Asa without me telling her....physician or healer. And she wasn't taken back by my joke of "we thought he might grow up to be a physician, not have a dozen on speed dial". She had several siblings with special needs. Then she goes on to tell me that perhaps "healer" had a different meaning for Asa and our lives. Perhaps he wasn't to be "healed" but he was to "heal" others. And not a "healer" in a physical kind of way but by showing them things they'd never seen before or teaching things they hadn't been taught before.

Now this might sound like a deep conversation for the middle of dept store but let me tell you I get chills thinking back on this even now! I got to tell a little about how Asa has opened our eyes to new people and things. How life is so much sweeter and things aren't taken for granted as much now. How can so much be said in only a few minutes during a shopping trip? I wonder what spurred her to approach us like that? Well, no I don't wonder, I already know! God sent her to me so that I could share a little of our story, our life with someone. Each time I tell how blessed we are to have Asa, I feel it even stronger than before! God has been so good to us!! So good to me!! We are never alone!

My heart and mind are just so full right now!


Amber said...

Wow Kim...reading that put tears in my eyes. What a wonderful experience for you today.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful example of how God works, even when we least expect it. Thank you for sharing such a heartwarming story.

This is the first time I've posted on your new blog page, so I hope this goes through okay. Look forward to continuing to read your postings and on occasion post back to you.

Ms. Becky

Anonymous said...

What an incredible story. Sometimes it takes a stranger to show us what we already know, but don't realize sometimes. You already knew how special Asa is, but now you have a new perspective. Awesome!

Celeste Lott