Friday, April 30, 2010

Think before you speak!

You'd think I would have learned my lesson by now! If you say your child has a skill and ask for it, he won't perform! The same holds true for the opposite as well! If you say something bad hasn't happened in a while, well, look out cause here it comes!

I just mentioned to someone that Asa hasn't had any gushers in a while. Don't get me wrong, he gets sick nearly everyday but there is usually warning. There is a pattern and a set of signs of what is to come. We can prepare ourselves. We can plug in a farrell bag and usually avoid a huge mess. Usually!

A gusher is different. Without any kind of warning Asa suddenly throws up. No rhyme or reason. You can imagine this is much worse than those daily pukes. We usually don't have enough time to get a bag. We might have enough time to get a cup. But now he thrashes around so much that he almost never hits the cup!

Asa has been doing so good and I just mentioned to some that he hadn't gotten so sick in a while. We were at the ball field tonight for practices (yep, plural, both Gracie and Cade had practice). It was nice out but windy and Asa doesn't do wind so for the first practice he stayed out in the van with Barry. We opened the back and folded the seats down so he could scoot around! I love a mini-van, it should be called a mini-home! We even set it up so Cade and Gracie could change in the car in privacy. And as long as only 5 of us ride, I can put Asa's chair in while it is still folded! Much easier on the back.

Anywho! For Cade's practice I thought I'd take him up to the field. It didn't seem too windy and wasn't crowded. Asa really liked it. He was tired and got a little crabby but not bad at all. The wind didn't bother him in the least! YAY!!!

Then on the way home, out of nowhere, BLAAAH! It wasn't pretty and he continued the whole way home! :( Poor guy! I hope it is one of those random things and not that he is getting sick. We've been so blessed this winter and spring to have very few issues!

Please continue to keep Cooper in your prayers. They are hoping and praying that tomorrow is the next step in the whole transplant process. When they transplanted the colon and small intestines they couldn't get him closed back up. They are hopeful he will be ready for surgery tomorrow to close him back up. I doubt any of us can imagine seeing your child sedated, in the ICU, with his new organs exposed (with dressings). Please lift this family up in prayer as this journey is just now beginning.


Heidi said...

Kim, sorry about the puking, poor kiddo. I just thought I would mention this, maybe this isnt anything new to you BUT has any of his Drs mentions CVS to you? Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome is fairly common with mito kids. If he's having episodes of vomiting but yet doesnt appear sick otherwise, this might be whats going on.

Jack just had his Mito follow up on Monday and I told Dr. S about the increased nausea and vomiting episodes Jack is having now and he feels this is CVS. I dont know why I didnt immediately think of it before but Im convinced it is now. Because it comes in waves and he isnt sick otherwise. Do you have ZOFRAN onhand for the vomiting? Im trying to get some to keep at home because Jack has been missing so much school. His episodes are usually in the morning, which I read is common with CVS. Zofran is the only med that got him stop vomiting when he ended up in the ER a couple months ago.

Just thought I would mention it. I hope he's not getting sick, hugs, and prayers--
Heidi & Jack.

Kim and Asa said...

Heidi, I thought about a long time ago but for some reason I discounted it. I'll have to go research again. Asa's GI has never really offered any reasons other than low tone kids throw up! We see a new GI this month. I hope she'll want to do more investigating.

And Asa isn't sick. He just got sick that one time and is OK now. I'm off to google!

I hope you can get the Zofran. Sounds like great stuff for these guys! I loved your blog about your appointment. I guess I never took the Drs. point of view into consideration. You are right, they are Drs. to "fix" things and it must be difficult to go to work each day and not be able to "fix" it!

Thanks for the help! Hugs to your kiddos!