Monday, April 26, 2010


First, I have to say that I have the best hubby in the whole world! Well, he is at least in the top 10!

We've been planning a mito moms meeting in Memphis for a few weeks now. We settled on this past Saturday as the date. We were all so ready to go...and then came the tornadoes! So we postponed to Sunday afternoon.

Now I know many ladies enjoy a girls day out but our days seem to be different. We are known to show up at a restaurant and spend the next 5 or 6 hours there all the while completely oblivious to the time and any thing around around us! And that held true on Sunday. We met for a "late lunch" at 2pm. I left the restaurant at 8pm!! And I'm sure we had some odd sounding conversations about feeding tubes, seizures, IEPs, supplements (which I'll now refer to as "replacement therapy"), therapies, genetics, EEGs, MRIs and Houston. Seriously, I don't think anyone sat very close to us and maybe that is why!

So all during my marathon lunch Barry tended to the children at home! But that isn't what makes him so awesome cause as my new favorite FB group is called "it isn't called babysitting when they are your own kids"! He is amazing because he did the laundry and cooked them spaghetti for lunch. He had Asa fed and playing when we came in from church. And the best, he doesn't complain when I don't cook!

And still those things don't really make him too extraordinary. Maybe it is that he takes the garbage out. Or he always puts out the new roll of toilet paper, which because of some odd issue he won't allow me to write out on the grocery list. It can only be TP cause no one else buys the stuff!! And I can't remember the last time I had to open a new tube of toothpaste. Aren't these the silliest reasons to be so amazed at Barry?!

He also makes the coffee here. That is mostly for his own survival though. He says I make it so strong that I'm starting to grow hair on my chest! But not only will he make the coffee, on the weekends he'll pour me a cup and start the internet so I can check my email first thing! Now that says love better than diamonds if you ask me!

Plus, he works really hard, does the ball stuff with the kids, acts goofy with them, makes me laugh, changes diapers, cleans puke, washes the van, mows the grass and mostly just has to put up with me!! So I guess all of that combined makes for a pretty awesome guy. And why this has struck me now, I don't know. But these things just keep passing through my mind and I need to put them down and get them out! You know, make room for the REALLY important stuff! :)

Secondly, Barry stayed home from church with Asa because Asa has been so off! He won't nap, he fusses, pitches a fit really, red faced, won't poop, etc. I know that doesn't sound so bad but when it is coupled with a disease that causes low energy and the need to avoid stress, well, there is the problem. Picture your normal 2 1/2 year old without a nap. Now picture that child on steroids! CRAZY! The less he sleeps, the more he needs! The more he needs, the more he fights. And while he is busy resisting sleep, his tummy is throwing in the towel cause it is just too much work to do all this at once! We usually remedy this by giving him some much needed down time and getting back to a good, solid routine and things straighten up. So far this hasn't happened in the 4 days we've tailored just to Asa. He did start pooping better today...even though I really begged him to get it all out yesterday when I was at my marathon lunch!

Tomorrow is a therapy day but maybe he'll be in a better mood for that! SURE! Well, I can hope, right!

Oh and a Gracie story to close. She had a softball game tonight. They did pretty good and had almost tied the score when the other coaches lost it over some calls. Seriously, they got so ugly! Anyway, after the argument and the delay, Gracie's team lost. So in the car we are talking about tempers and tantrums. I called Anna and she tells me that Asa is asleep, at 7pm and not for the night! I scream "get him up!". I go on to loudly tell her he needs to be up, why he needs to be up, how could she let him go to sleep, whoa is me, etc. So I hang up and Gracie said "well, looks like somebody else had a temper tantrum tonight"! HA!! Out of the mouth of babes!! And for the record, the lack of sleep must have finally caught up with Asa cause he still went to bed before 9pm! Poor guy.


Christina said...

And to think that your mom just thought Barry was the worst human being on the face of the planet when he wanted to marry her 18 year old daughter! Haha!!! Sorry Mrs. Debbie just had to throw that out there! You know I still laugh about you meeting Barry. I think even if I get alzheimer's one day, I will still remember that whole situation. Haha!!! Its great to have a wonderful husband, huh? I'm pretty darn lucky myself.

Debbie said...

Glad you have so much support from your husband, that is priceless!

Kim and Asa said...

I agree Debbie, it is priceless. I don't know how you find the strength to do all you do on your own most of the time. I think of you often when I whine because Barry is working outside too much. Your strength and endurance is amazing. You are in my prayers daily.

And I'm so processing your post from today. Wow is all that I can say right now. I think I can name friends on both sides of my bridge. You are a wise moma!!