Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let the shopping begin!

I found Asa a new toy yesterday. I know, I know, how often do I NOT find him a new toy, whether I buy it or not. It is just so much fun to watch him explore and sometimes the only way to do that is to buy it and bring it home!

Asa loves, loves, loves shopping carts. Most of the time he is in his chair and I just load it up. Sometimes I push his chair and pull a cart. Sometimes I let him sit in the cart, or I make him a bed in the seat part, but there is a cover and 2 pillows to keep him up. The point is he loves carts but rarely gets one! He'll reach out and try to grab other people's carts as we pass them in the aisle. And that is alot of action for a noddle guy!

I think it is the allure of the metal and the holes in the carts. I've looked for baskets or desk sets made like a cart but to no avail. So I was super excited when I was cutting through a toy aisle in Walmart yesterday and saw this cart!! And it was cheap. And it might help him walk if he'd hold onto the handle and push.

Asa was asleep in the cart (sleeping off a crash :( ) when I got it so he wasn't as excited as me. I'm not sure if the picture of a cart would have been too exciting either. So we get home and I start putting it together. The basket came in 5 pieces and Asa was super excited over these! He scooted over and held them up to his face.

As the basket was taking shape, he tried to scoot into it! He put his feet in it and bent his head over to take a closer look! He loved the wheels and spun them. I was so excited that this was gonna get my boy walking!

Unfortunately, by the time I got it put all together and stood him up for a trial walk, he had figured out my plan and wanted no part of it! He made that clear! Later on I got him to walk to a little bit but he is much happier just playing with the basket part! Oh, well, maybe he'll be more open to shopping next time!

Funny thing...Gracie was so excited too. I find tons of Asa's stuff in her room. I guess it is the fun of something new. She'll take it to her room but baby toys aren't very interesting so she abandons them!

I have a special prayer request. There is a little boy from Texas who was just diagnosed with Mito. His GI system is severely affected. Even before they had a diagnosis, he was on the transplant list to get a new small bowel and colon. Cooper got his call this week and had the transplant yesterday. Please pray for an uneventful recovery. It seems that mito doesn't like to play by the rules and things can go from good to bad on a dime! Please pray for this family as they are separated from the other children at home in Houston. This will be a long recovery and they need all the prayers they can get! His mom has a blog here and a little more info about the transplant.

Oh and didn't Anna do a good job as my photographer! The batteries kept running out and she'd had to swap them out. She is one awesome girl!


MamaHam said...

So cute!!! I wished we lived closer...I think Ethan and Asa would just love each other!

Cheryl and Bricen said...

What is it with these boys and carts?!? Bricen loves carts as well. He's always going to other peoples' carts and trying to push them!!
It's SO exciting to read:

"And it might help him walk if he'd hold onto the handle and push."

What a blessing that Asa has gotten to that sentence (you know what I mean)!

Kim and Asa said...

I know Cheryl! I thought about that when I typed it! This time last year he was just mastering sitting! WOW!!